400 lb Monkey

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Hello, Bloggy Buddies!
This week I am trying something new. I am introducing “Daddy’s Corner”, where, once a week, my husband can talk about some “manly” things that might interest the males in your life. Or, for my male readers- a little more testosterone once in a while on the blogosphere, LOL….
Everything written in “Daddy’s Corner” was written by my Dear Husband, and the opinions are 100% his. I have not even proof read! LOL….
Anyway- I hope you guys like the addition. Let me know what you think! And here ends my writing! ~Samantha

Today I will be reviewing a beer brewed by Left hand brewing company called 400 pound monkey. It is an English India pale ale. A good friend of mine brought it over for a dinner party at my house. He said it looked like something we would like. First of all the label is very eye catching. Lots of illustrated monkeys monkeys, the first thing that pops into my heads was Victory’s golden monkey, a great beer that I enjoyed so much I actually stuck the label on my fridge so I wouldn’t forget it. So my hopes were high for this one. Before I get to tastes I have to say I am not a big fan of the overly hopped American beers that taste like hops and seltzer, luckily for me this beer was not that. It had a good aroma to it nice hoppy smell, not over powering or funky smelling. Upon the first taste it was just hoppy enough. Not too bitter and had notes of grapefruit to it. Very drinkable and would probably be paired will with pizza or something spicy. The alcohol content is 6.7% so after a few you are feeling pretty good, but not sloppy. I was surprised I enjoyed this beer so much. IPA’ s for me are hit or miss and I had high expectations with the monkey logo. Overall I give this beer a B.

As per their website, http://www.lefthandbrewing.com: Okay, this one isn’t for everybody – yet. Over the years we’ve been asked to brew a year-round IPA, but have balked at the idea because of the flood of American IPA’s currently on the market. If we couldn’t make an IPA that was different what was available, that we personally liked to drink, and one that we could put our personal signature on and be proud of, we didn’t want to do it. So, last fall we brewed a single batch IPA on our new brewhouse and sent it out to 5 different markets around the country to test the response. Which turned out to be pretty positive. So, here we are in 2009, and we’re back playing again with a few new test batches that we’re sampling here in Colorado and a few select markets around the country. What’s in a name, you ask? Well, back in February of 2007, the issue of Beer Advocate was dedicated to Extreme Beer, and there was an article in there titled ‘Extremely Boring’. Go back and find that issue, and that specific article, and you’ll see why we named the beer 400 Pound Monkey. Happy sleuthing!”

Thanks for reading and have a good day.


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