Bad Idea T-Shirts

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Have you ever had a Bad Idea? Did you ever think, “why, this idea is so epic-ly bad that I must wear it proudly, and proclaim it to all”??? Then you must know all about Bad Idea T-Shirts!

Bad Idea T-Shirts have tons of funny shirts, parody-tees, and a few amusing social commentaries. They have some great reminders of our favorite moments in TV (who can forget that?)

and shirts that let others know your goals for life πŸ˜‰

or for your physique!

Of course, like all “Bad Ideas”, some I cannot mention here- but that doesn’t mean I don’t think they are amusing! Come on, mommy has to laugh, too! Hehehe…..
Any GOOD “Bad Idea” is sure to offend someone, but you can’t please all the people, all the time, now can you?

Bad Idea T-Shirts are now carrying American Apparel shirts, as well! Just when you thought you couldn’t love them any more, right?
Wait, more cool-ness- they do free shirt giveaways on their facebook page

Why not go show them some LOVE??? Go give them a “like”! Come on, you don’t have to give them a RING! We are just talking about LIKE, here people!
After “like”, comes love! (OK, you may want to order first- but as soon as you get that shirt, you will LOVE them!!! The shirts are so soft, and they look as good as they do on the site! And did I mention- SOFT!)

My hubby got ” Bears- The #1 Threat To America” T-Shirt (yes, we are Colbert watchers!)
SUPER, SUPER SOFT!!!! It feels really nice, and the color and design did not fade from washing. Also- the washer and dryer did not shrink it. I hate, absolutely HATE when that happens. The hubs said it fits well, and is true to size.

Ladies and Gentlemen, what more can you want in a T-Shirt? Nothing. Nothing.
I am getting one for my brother for his birthday- my brother is a young, single, cute guy. Who likes to wear slightly “off color” shirts. Hello? I found his new favorite shirt. LOL.
Now go find yours!


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