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September is here, and you know what that means! Yep, soon it will be October, and them you will have armies of costume-clad little minions at your door begging for candy…hehehe.
Stores are already selling costumes and decorations- and they already ran “Nightmare Before Christmas” on TV! Yes indeed, Halloween is fast approaching. You had better get on that costume hunt and candy buying, already!
If you are like me, you want to get the good costumes before they run out- which is usually early October. I’d HATE going out, only to find the costume that my kids want are sold out! I’d feel terrible.
And OOOH, lookie what I found! CostumeSuperCenter! They have every kind of costume, and for babies all the way up to adults. Not just run of the mill stuff you can find at some party store, either- really fun costumes!

The prices are amazing, too.
What can I say, I am a frugal mama!
Little Man has been BEGGING for an Iron Man costume since July. I knew he had to have one! They are not cheap- have you seen them? I have seen them for 50$ or more! I can’t afford that! (Uh, hello! Down economy, here, people???) But just look at what CostumeSuperCenter sent for him!

It is called the “Muscle Light Up Iron Man Mark VI Costume“. How cool is that??? Little FLIPPED!!!

It’s so cool- and it came fully loaded! Mask, light up chest, and all! The price cannot be beat- look around! (I did- I really can’t find it cheaper! But it is the same quality, that didn’t suffer at all!)

Maybe your little guy likes another superhero. That’s OK, I don’t judge! (LOL)
They have such an array of boys costumes, you know you can find your fella’s favorite. What? You have girls, too? Oh, wait, me too….good thing they have a whole mess of kid’s costumes in general! AND you can save an extra 20% off costumes 25$ or more with the coupon code TAKE25. Hurry, Limited time!
Why are you still reading? Go, go to the website, before all the good ones are gone!
Happy shopping!

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  1. Oh, my they have a lot of lovely costumes! I am going to a Halloween party and we can never found anything suitable for adult and must say I love it a lot. Glad to find this place. I love the cinderella Costume. Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great day!

  2. HE is having sooo much fun lucky guy.
    Ill have to look into this for my little buddy too 🙂

  3. good

  4. How cute!!! Love the costume! I need to start shopping, because I ALWAYS wait to the last minute.. and then have to pay a fortune for a good costume!!

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