Happy Feet! I’ve got those Happy Feet!! Review

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Don’t you love, warm, snuggley slippers???
I do!
I recently found out about a really great slipper company called “Happy Feet“!
Have you heard of them? Well, lucky you, now you can hear all the happy details! Yay!

Cooler weather is coming, and we need to be prepared for it now that the sandals are about to be put away. Sigh.
But it’s OK! Like I said- love cute, comfy slippers! Happy Feet slippers are so comfy, they are “like walking on a cloud”. Happy Feet has a really fun array of slippers. They have these adorable ones that look like giant sneakers

and they are available in so many styles. They come in giant sneaker style or “scuff slippers”, the backless kind. You can pick your collage, sports team, or my favorite- animals!!!

And not just bunnies- so many kinds! They have more kinds of animals then I have ever seen. You really need to go to their site. (And the best part- they all come in kids to adult sizes. And the animals ones even come in toddler sizes!)

Look! Dragon Slippers! (These where the ones I liked best. How cool?)
Happy Feet sent my Little Man a pair of slippers.
Little wanted about 6 pairs- so I let daddy pick the pair. Winner? LION!

You guys know that Little Man goes to the school that I teach at. (He is supposed to stay with his group- never does, lol) When he is inside, I don’t like him to run around in just socks. He steps on toys and hurts his feet, and makes all his socks too dirty! But I have an issue- they all rip. All the slippers rip. Within weeks. Do you guys have this issue? I mean, look at this! Not how I want to spend my money. (These are not Happy Feet! These are some other brand- Blech!)

Not Happy Feet!
We have not had one single issue. He has been wearing them every day at school- the same place the above slippers only made it 2 weeks. Happy Feet? Still going strong, no signs of wear at all.
And check out how excited Little Man was when he got them!

Look how thick the bottoms are! Have you ever had such thick, smooshy slippers? Not I….and still not I! Little Man gets all the fun, LOL….

He didn’t want to take them off. He was running around in circles, it was so hard to take a picture, haha.
These would make a really great holiday or birthday gift, too.
I think Happy Feet are adorable! And they sure did make Little Man happy! (and they didn’t rip, so I am THRILLED!!!)
So head on over, and check them out! See what you like. It will be hard to pick a favorite!


  1. Cool I like the Tiger ones Maybe I will get them for my kid for the holidays

  2. oooohhh-those slippers are too cute. My family loves slippers…it gets COLD here in the winter. I’m following you from the blog hop. I appreciate the follow back.


  3. Im a new follower would love a follow back


  4. Those are cute. I bought my kids some ape slippers and Tasmania devil
    sipplers when they were younger and they really loved having them on their feet.

  5. I love the dragon slippers too and I’m going to make note. I highly suspect these are going to make their way to our Christmas tree this year. Thank you for the introduction via review!

  6. That was me – parenting ad absurdum -I’ve got my google accounts all mixed up! Thanks for stopping by, and yes, I’d love to cross post sometime :).

  7. Oh my gosh, I love the dragon slippers SO much. I want them in a woman’s size 6…! Great review :).

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