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Hey and welcome to Daddy’s Corner!
Today I am going to review the Playstation move. I recently received a party pack from house party. Thank you very much. In this pack there were 2 move controllers a Playstation eye and 2 games eyepet and start the party. I love most my Playstation 3 and have to say it has impressed me at every turn. So I was hoping for something incredible with move. When I received the package int he mail the kids went nuts, I have been talking about the Eyepet for a while showing them videos and advertisements. They had been talking about it almost non stop to kids and school and anyone else in the general area. Upon opening the controllers I found they fit my hand quite well. In shape it is similar to a newly designed water bottle with an ice cream scoop on the top. In weight it had some density to it but not much more then a tv remote, not heavy at all but fells well built. Set up was easy and pretty self explanatory, set up the camera on top/underneath the tv, we chose underneath. Then pair the controllers with your console (plug a usb cable into the controller then into the front of the console. Easy breezy. The main reason I am so excited for the move is the eyepet so i popped that in first while the kids weren’t around so I could find out how cool this little guy really is. The game is an interactive digital pet who you can play with, feed, bath teach tricks and nurture. In my house he is called a monkey but he looks like a cross between a monkey, a dog and a gnome. You can use the controller to act as various items for use with your eyepet including a treat dispenser, a shower head, and hope for him to jump through and a trampoline. The little guy also responds to your hand gestures. IF you wave your hand above where his head is he will jump up trying to reach you. You can pet him to sleep and lots of other fun things. All of which work well. Even for little hands. The only draw back is the little guy gets confused with alot of hands on the screen at once, but if everyone waits their turn all is well. (good luck with that).

Next we tried out start the party when a friend of ours was over. 2 kids were playing and 2 adults. This is a party game. In essence wait your turn, shake/wave controller in a certain way, trying to outdo the other players. The make or break for these games is the actual game play of the mini games. In this they were very creative and showed lots of ways to interact with the game using your new controller. The kids loved it the adults got a giggle or 2 out of it too. ๐Ÿ™‚

The next day I decided to check out what was in the Playstation store for my, I mean our new toy. What i wound was a demo for a game called RUSE, this game is published by EA and is not available yet. IT is a real time strategy game. Same genre as Command an Conquer, Warcraft (NOT world of Warcraft), Starcraft etc. I absolutely love these games I can remember in junior high playing Command and Conquer everyday pretty much non stop for hours on end for the pc. In the past these games, in my opinion, do not translate well to the console. But with a new controller and a new way of playing I’m willing to try again. Upon start up I knew this was a new digital addiction. The move was my mouse and it was perfect. Cursor movement was dead on, this game really shows you how accurate the move is compared to other motion controllers. This game showed me that the move is not just a little kid controller it can be a big boy toy as well. I was literally giddy with excitement with this game.

When talking about motion controls you cant deny that the Wii came first and does a very good job at what they do. But I have to say move does it better, it is very exact and catches every movement. So much so that swinging wildly isn’t necessarily needed, but is fun none the less. ๐Ÿ™‚
The Xbox 360 is also coming out with Kinetic very soon, I have not used it yet but the ability to scroll through menus without a controller is very enticing. BUT I don’t see why with the Eye Camera, the Playstation can’t do that now. Maybe its just an update or 2 down the road, crossed fingers.

I would definitely suggest getting 2 move controllers and the Eyepet if you have little ones and start the party if you are a social butterfly. Nothing goes better with big get together then laughing at someone simulating squashing bugs. Also download a lot of demos from the Playstation store, there aren’t many on there yet but I get the feeling Sony will not disappoint.


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