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I have a great guest post for you today, from Franklin Antoian- professional trainer. You can find him at!

Have Ever You Had Trouble Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions?

Do you try and try to keep all of your New Years goals each year, but it never seems to work?
For New Years Resolution success this year, try these three simple tips on goal setting:

1. Make your goals specific.
Vague goals make it easier for you to put them off or ‘start tomorrow’.
Instead of: ‘I would like to lose’, try:
‘I will lose 10 pounds this year’.
2. Make your goals attainable.
If your goals are too lofty, you probably won’t reach them.
If your goal is to run a marathon, but you’ve never ran a day in your life, start with something attainable, like a 5k run.
Once completed, you can move up to a 10k, half marathon and then a full marathon!
3. Make your goals time-sensetive.
We all have deadlines. If we didn’t, nothing would get accomplished.
Replace ‘I will fit into my favorite jeans’ with:
‘I will fit into my favorite jeans by Feb 14th’
So, to bring it all together, try this:
Instead of saying, ‘I am going to try to weight this year’.
‘I will lose ten pounds by March 1st by running 45 minutes each day and
cutting out soda.’

Note: running 45 minutes each day will burn about 400 calories per day.
Cutting out a can of soda will burn 100 calories per day.
If you burn just 500 calories per day, you’ll lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks!

For free online exercise videos, workouts, tips and more, please visit:
Franklin Antoian is the founder of, the online personal training website.
He is the fitness expert for and online fitness contributor for The Sears Fit Club.
He has been featured in and the Palm Beach Post.
Franklin resides in Palm Beach Florida, where he is a private personal trainer.
He created so everyone in the world can get free, accurate and effective fitness information.


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