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Hey Bloggy Buddies! Jennifer Galardi, Fitness expert and teacher, will be holding a retreat in Nicaragua this coming February. She will be sponsoring a giveaway here on Have Sippy Will Travel for her newest fitness DVD, Sweating Sexy in a few days as well. Nationally recognized star of six best-selling dance/fitness DVD’s, Jennifer Galardi is a popular figure among top media, and held in high esteem throughout the fitness industry,. Jennifer has been seen as the face of top health and fitness brands such as Adidas, Under Armour, New Balance, lululemon, Nike, and Coca Cola’s Enviga drink and featured in popular magazines such as Cooking Light, Fitness, Shape, Oxygen and Health.
I asked her a few questions about her upcoming retreat, and here is what she had to say!
Why did you choose Nicaragua for your retreat site?
I chose Nicaragua because it was a country that still seemed undiscovered not only for me, but most likely for others. I know very little about this area and I love to explore different cultures. I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity for participants to see how others live and contribute to a typically impoverished community.
The resort where the retreat will be held, Jicaro Ecolodge, is a beautiful and special place. I think the floating dock, where I can do one to one yoga instruction or nutritional consultations really sold me!

What is an inspiration for you?
I am inspired by my students every day. Every day they strive to be better and learn more. I often will stay after a class to talk to students about their individual issues or concerns. Anyone with a sincere interest to learn and educate themselves is a star pupil to me. I am also inspired by my teachers and mentors. There have been so many in my life, but I always look to them when I need an extra ‘boost’ or find myself stuck or confused. And music is always a great inspiration to move and express myself. I can’t help it. A good song will come on and sometimes it literally moves THROUGH me. Like my body can’t help it!

What are you most excited about for this retreat?
It’s difficult to say now what my favorite aspect of this retreat will be. I can only forecast that the location will be a big part of it and sharing some of what we will be doing with the local children. I am contributing $50 for every attendee to an organization that will help build a school and provide supplies in the nearby village. You can learn more about these efforts here:
I’m also excited to be WARM and see the sunshine all day long!
What is your biggest challenge with staying fit?
I’d say my biggest challenge with food is eating mindlessly or when I’m bored. Being single, it’s sometimes difficult to find a reason to sit down to cook a nice meal, sit down, relax and enjoy it with no distractions. I often end up eating standing up, picking throughout the day instead of focusing on 3 meals a day, and then continuing that into the evening, well past dinnertime. I literally have to stop, check in, ask myself why I’m putting food in my mouth (am I hungry, bored?) and then try not to beat myself up if I am unconsciously eating. It happens. The best thing we can do is be aware of it and make efforts to break the patterns and habits.
Why did you begin doing retreats?
I began doing retreats as a way for people to disconnect from the daily stresses of their lives and re-connect to themselves. I’ve taken many trips where I have done this and it has helped me so much in my personal growth and development. Instead of moving through the days on auto pilot, we can acquire tools to become more mindful and ultimately live an inspired life we love in a body that is energetic and able to handle the challenges that arise. Yes, there is fitness and healthy food. This will definitely make you feel better physically. But this also translates to the mental scope as well. All this self love and care will bring you more into the present and reduce stress levels. I’d like to give participants tools they can use well after the retreat to maintain some sense of balance as they go back out there in the ‘real world’!

As I mentioned to one woman inquiring about the retreat.

You can expect a week of yoga, falling over most likely ;), laughter, dance, peace, challenges, food, serving others, serving yourself, writing (if you so choose) and fun. Not to mention WARMTH AND SUNSHINE! YES! It is my hopes that everyone in attendance leave with new tools in their box to return home better equipped to handle everyday stresses and challenges. That is life. You are your own best teacher!

I hope to be hosting at least one or two retreats a year. This is our first year at this location, so we’ll see how it goes!


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