GFC- what’s up with this, #Google?

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Come on, now #google, what is up with you?  What’s your major malfunction?
For realsies, first you drop blogger for days, then about a billion blogs won’t function in Mozilla/Firefox, now you have lost everyone’s GFC/they are not working?
It’s bad enough you can’t seem to update your stats, and there are late-to-the-game people who can’t figure out that your PR is old news, but now you mess up- what?  EVERYTHING else?   What’s your issue?  Did you forget that this is “your thing”, and since you pretty much stalk us and get all our info- you should really be able to deliver on little things like widgets and blog platforms.  What’s next?  We can’t “google” questions or queries?  Bing, I guess it’s up to you.

Not that anyone is totally PO’ed or anything.
How do we explain that it’s not our fault we can’t get entries, etc into our stuff- “Google did it”?  Like a bad puppy, peeing all over the floor- you are really messing up our little houses, you ridicules engine.  We work really, really hard on these sites- you should work at least as hard, considering it’s your entire reason for being.  Figure it out, or hire someone who can.  In this economy, there will be PLENTY of people waiting in line to replace those you currently have screwing everything up.  Move them out- and move on, we’d all like to get moving again, thanks.


  1. I’m laughing, but only because you nailed it so spot on! It’s like, um.. I’m sorry you can’t possibly do my mandatory entry.. could you come back in a few days? Doh!

  2. I repeat- stupid google. And I could care less if this doesn’t get me any PR increases- I’m FABULOUS, dahling!!! ;P

  3. Mine has been coming and going all day. It’s not showing up in Chrome either. Every now and then, I get an email that so and so has signed in. Once, I even got to see it working, but five minutes later it was gone again.

  4. I posted a “Something’s Not Working” discussion on the Blogger/GFC Help Forum and mine is now magically restored. ( And realized I have 20 more followers than I originally thought – but private ones) Guess I’ll have to add the “public follow” to my giveaways. Sigh!

    I wonder how everyone else is fairing with GFC?

  5. You know someone told me they had a problem posting a comment on my blog and I thought it was just a google problem because I had a problem posting a comment on a site as well! lol Didn’t realize how right I was! If or when I get paid by adsense I will think about transferring to wordpress. I’m not sure if it’s as easy as blogger is though. I just want everything to work like it use to!

  6. I am sooooo annoyed as well!! You said it Sam! Google has billions of dollars and cant keep it together! Grrrrrrr! I just joined a few blog hops and now its pointless since I cant follow them and they cant follow me! Whats a blogger to do!!

  7. It’s a plot to get everyone to switch to Google Chrome…
    I use Google Chrome and Firefox. Everything seems okay on Google Chrome. but lots of problems on Firefox…

  8. YEAH, what she said!

  9. I’m not even on blogger and the widget still isn’t working, so it doesn’t seem to matter what platform you’re on. I’m so irked by this, I’m right in the middle of a giveaway that would usually help increase my following. I’m still a new blog, I need all the followers I can get! This whole thing is making me very whiny. I just keep refreshing my page, hoping it will magically reappear. And it did! For a whole three seconds! Waaaaaah!

  10. totally smiling now:)

  11. While this won’t be winning you any PR increases, LOL I’ll jump in with you and mirror your sentiments!

    I have to wonder if anyone on Blogger is not seriously considering switching platforms!

  12. I love you Sam!

  13. I’m “glad” to see it’s not just me that’s been having trouble finding the widget on everyone’s blogs. This is getting all out ridiculous…I don’t know much about computers but I know that this shouldn’t be happening.

  14. Amen!
    I’m currently figure out if I can switch to wordpress so that would take a little of this ridiculousness out of the equation, but I’d still be dealing with the google friend connect widget.

  15. You tell them Sam! Now your GFC is gone. They better not loose all those people I’ve been working to collect.
    Stupid Google!

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