Wordless Wednesday! Nostalgia?

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I know it’s supposed to be wordless- and I never write anything- but this is the pillowcase my mom had in the hospital when I was born. We were at her house this weekend, and Little was laying on it…..IDK- crazy, right? 
Time sure does fly…..and that is one heck of a pillowcase!  LOL


  1. Wow! Time does fly! So cool that your mom still has that pillowcase!

  2. Awwww He’s so cute!

  3. How sweet! Isn’t it cool how little things like a pillow case can warm your heart?

  4. Did she take her own pillow case or did they give everyone one? Very colorful!

  5. That is Awesome!!

  6. Definitely a sentimental moment!

  7. Very impressive. I am not sure anything lasts near that long in my house!

  8. That’s awesome- I love nostalgic stuff like that! Little looks so comfy.

  9. That is so precious! My Mom still has my baby clothes and I just wish I’d know when dottie was a baby!

    PS Even tho’ it’s wordless I can NEVER be “wordless” lol!

  10. That is one heck of a pillowcase. Little is too cute! Glad you did write about it.

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