Aunt Anne’s Pretzel Kit and #Recipe (Make Monkey Bread) @AuntieAnnes

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So we all have went o the mall for one thing or another. And of course we get a smell of both the cinnamon bun place and the pretzel place, Aunt Anne’s. Well, lets say instead of breaking down and buying the pretzel, you want to have a really interesting afternoon and MAKE the pretzels as home. Easy breezy, and delicious, Aunt Anne’s At Home Baking Kit .

When we made the pretzels they didn’t look exactly like the famous ones at retail locations, but they did taste really good. The best part was twisting them with the kids. Also the ability to try something different. Lets say a bit different like a pretzel dog or very different like a pretzel in the shape of a dog. Pretzel rods, pretzel circles maybe a pretzel knot. Also the ability to make salt/plain or cinnamon/sugar flavored or any strange flavor you can think of, like taco seasoning, etc.

So many possibilities so few pretzels per box. By the end of the box my mind was spinning with the possibilities. Could I make a cheese centered one? how about peanut butter? How bout Cheese flavored dough? What kind of shapes can I make? Maybe a Celtic knot, or an Escher-esque pattern of impossible turns.

We made Pretzel Dogs, they were really fun for the kids to have with lunch 🙂 But you can also make pizza, monkey bread, or how many kinds of pretzels? TONS.

NOTE: Baking Soda is not needed for this recipe. DO
instructions before proceeding.
1. In a large bowl, dissolve contents of 1 yeast packet in 1


  1. These look like fun to make! Just wanted to stop by and say hello! Also stumbled for you! 🙂

  2. and stumbled..:0)

  3. Looks like your little one was having fun helping. I stopped by from Karmabloggers to tweet your blog.

  4. I love Auntie Anne’s Pretzels. I had no idea they sell at home kits now 🙂 How exciting.

  5. The only pretzels I’ve had are the kind from the grocery store! I can only imagine how yummy fresh ones can be! I like the hotdog pretzel idea!

  6. This looks great! Thanks for the idea!

  7. The kit is a great idea, my boys would love this.

  8. That’s so cool! I had no idea they had a kit! My boys would love it!


  9. Yum, those pretzel dogs look yummy! I’ve never had one before but they look good!

  10. YUM!!!!!! I need to make this 🙂

  11. This would be great for the holidays.
    Children remember these times best when they get to help create.

  12. I love antie annes pretzles – I would love to make the pretzle dogs!

  13. I made homemade pretzels once with my kids…they had SO much fun!

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