Daddy’s Corner- RocketBirds for the Playstation 3 – JUST Released!

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Welcome to another addition of Daddy’s Corner- where Daddy gets his turn.  

OK everyone with a PlayStation 3 listen up.
You all know there are some killer games for the PS3.  You also know it is a killer system.  Able to do so much in such a small box its amazing.  Well there is one portion which is quite often overlooked, the PlayStation Network.  They are currently running a promotion, called Only on PSN.  One of these shining gems is Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken.  I had the honor of giving this game a test run and I have to say this game is very well put together.  

You play the part of Hardboiled Chicken who is fighting against the totalitarian penguin leader, Putzki.  I know, great names lol.
The game play is varied between side scrolling gun totting chicken shooting his enemies and melting into shadows to rocket pack fueled dog fights.  One of the first characteristics I noticed playing was the soundtrack.  It was quite dynamic and alive.  Almost as if you are playing a music video which perfectly fits the music but also playing a game where the music perfectly compliments the game, without actually playing a rhythm based mini game, thankfully.  

Take a look at this video by New World and Rocketbirds, which will give you a small taste of the music.
The art direction is cartoony, BUT it is violent so you will want to be aware of that.  Rocketbird also has couch co-op (2 people playing together on one screen)  I love this feature and I love how this mode is coming back to video games.  There is nothing like sitting next to a friend, kicking butt and taking names while actually talking to one another.  Rocketbirds has Stereoscopic 3d as well.   This means, if you want to, there is 3D with the silly glasses, not the expensive TV and shutter glasses.  These are the same glasses that you wear while watching movies in the theatre.  Rocketbirds retails for $11.99 and $9.59 for PlayStation Plus members. 



  1. I’m not much into video games except the wii fit!

  2. We have an xbox 360 but I know he wants a PS3 too lol!

  3. We don’t have a PS3, but my hubs likes these kind of games on the 360.

  4. Sounds fantastic! Can’t wait to try it out with my home crew! 🙂

  5. My hubby is on his PS3 as we speak!

  6. This sounds like a fun game! I’d love to see what the gameplay would be like on a 3-D game, too. I used to hold video game parties on New Year’s Eve – this would be good for one of those gatherings!

  7. my husband is SO not into video games but I have a nephew who might like this!

  8. mine would like that a lot

  9. That is a great price. I am always happy to find a game my kids will enjoy at a reasonable price.

  10. $11.99??? Dang, I may just have to buy it just for the price….though I do love the name Putzki.

  11. The kids and hubby might enjoy this one. And what a great price compared to the normal $60 per game

  12. there’s a play station 3??? I’m so behind on these things!! LOL

  13. I know my grandsons would love me forever if I bought this for them but then I’d have to also buy them the play station 3 LOL

  14. I’ll never understand video games. LOL. I think I have the wrong chromosomes. My boys would love this!

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