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Time for some ThinkGeek Awesome on Daddy’s Corner.
Today’s episode is Halloween themed. Spooky! We have English zombies and Valve Zombies and even a sprinkling of 8bit pumpkins and a costume. Can’t have Halloween without a costume!

It’s zombie time! First out- English. If any of you have seen Shawn of the Dead, (great movie by the way) this shirt will make you smile, Ed’s shirt. This shirt is awesome, it even comes pre-splattered with a red substance to resemble blood. If you haven’t see Shawn of the Dead, Ed is a crude gentleman who is quite lazy and a best friend/ room mate to Shawn. As if the splatter and the title didn’t give it away the two of them have a few ‘adventures’ with zombies. In a pinch this shirt can even be paired with an unkempt individual and instant costume. Or lets say you are throwing a party and that ‘guy on the couch’ is going to be the only one without a costume, “Bazinga!”- costume.

Next up Valve time. Valve are the masterful creators of such gaming gems as Half-life, Half-life 2, Team Fortress, Portal and Portal 2. Every game they make is incredible and a work of art. Half-life 2 is their Mast head. Great game play, superb story, unforgettable characters and the voice acting of the main character Gordon Freeman is stunning. 😉

Check this out: Headcrab hat. One of the most irritating enemies in the series are the headcrabs. They are generally roaming about on the ground looking for a victim to latch onto their head and take over their body. Generally turning them into a headcrab zombie. Quick buggers too, but with a clean sweep of the crowbar all is well in the world and Mr. Freeman is on his way to save the day. Now its your turn to play zombie with your own cute headcrab. Reinact a scene from Half-life (NO CROWBARS!), get giggles on Halloween or just keep your head warm and the strangers away while going to the supermarket. Either way loads of fun for all involved.

And now onto something current. Within the last 2 weeks Batman: Arkham City has arrived and men everywhere have disappeared from social lives. Only to be seen sipping caffeine and work while dreamily staring out their windows, wishing to use their grappling hook and zip away to fight crime. Ladies, and lady gamers come join the day dream with this wonderful BatGirl costumer babydoll . Now a quick lesson in costume etiquette- this is NOT the Batman costume because of a few differences, the easiest one to spot is no circle around the Bat insignia, no circle = no Batman. Oh and the babydoll, Batman doesn’t wear a babydoll. He has a chiseled chin, not curvy hips. This shirt fits the Misses well, it is form fitting yet not uncomfortable, plus it makes me and Little Man laugh when she jumps around the house saving the day.

And to round out our Halloween ThinkGeek Awesome, we have an 8bit Jack O Lantern. This one was a surprise to us, a welcome surprise but none the less a surprise. This Pumpkin is a 3 dimensional 8-bit Jack O Lantern. It is meant to be hung on a door or a wall or simply put in a window. But it is definitely not meant to have a candle put in it. It is powered by 3 AAA batteries which power the flickering LED lights inside. The lights glow and flicker as a real candle in a Jack O Lantern would. Only without the fire. This little guy is a great addition to our Halloween decorations this year and I am sure will be for many years to come.

As an added treat check out ThinkGeek’s “It Came From ThinkGeek….” Halloween gift guide. They have all kinds of great shirts, plush, costumes and even a beating heart. So endearing, who wouldn’t want to hide a beating heart under a floor board for Halloween.



  1. I’m lovin’ that Batman shirt!

  2. the pumpkin is my favorite and i like the head crab hat also it is really very funny

  3. I got to admit, Sam, those items reminded me of your family. 🙂

  4. I want that BatGirl costume!!

  5. The light up pumpkins is fab, must get one !!

  6. lol, you guys kill me! The Head Crab is so you…Think Geek is so perfect for y’all crazies!

  7. My little Bat freak son spotted that bat tee from across the room and “flew” right over to the computer. Think Geek is amazing

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