Cooking With Preschoolers: Swirly Lemon Cupcakes #Baking #Recipe

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Not only can you make a swirly frosting pattern, but these fun cupcakes have swirls of
color on the inside too! Preschoolers and other young children love mixing the colors
and swirling the cupcakes! Cooking lets children practice math and science skills like
measuring, mixing, observing, predicting, and learning about change. This particular
activity also reinforces color and color changes.


* Your favorite Lemon Cake recipe (or mix!) and necessary ingredients
* Food coloring
* cupcake pan and liners
* Lemon frosting
* plastic baggies


1. Prepare your Lemon Cake according to directions.
2. Pour half the cake batter into two bowls. Add about 10 drops of food coloring to one
of the bowls. The natural color of most Lemon Cake batters is yellow. If you add blue
to the bowl (like the picture), your batter should turn green. Stir the batter to mix in the

3. Fill the cups about


  1. Samantha, Thanks for having me over! We had a blast making these cupcakes, and I hope your readers enjoy them too!

    Carla @ Whole Child Creative Curriculum

  2. anytime nancy sue! and of course- the love should only ever be spread 🙂

  3. Too fun! My 4 yr old son and I are going to have fun making these. Thanks also for sharing Carla’s website links with us!

  4. These make me hungry.

  5. They look so yummy!

  6. These look great, going to make these with the kids, thanks

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