Starfox 3D

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Welcome to the future one and all!
And it is ushered in on the tail of a fox in a space ship.
Daddy Here- Reporting on StarFox. The Nintendo 3DS came into existence less than a year ago and many have been waiting for the ‘must buy’ game. The game which truly shows how truly wonderful and special the 3DS is and how it will stand up in Nintendo previous line of must buy consoles and handhelds. Starfox 64 3D is that game.

In this game you take on the role of Fox McCloud and his crew as they fight their way to save the galaxy from the evil Dr. Andross. In this game you will fly through battlefields destroying enemy ships and robots while navigating treacherous terrain.

Your ship can do many maneuvers like the infamous barrel roll as well as u-turns and 180’s in order to our maneuver your enemies. In doing so you must also keep your comrades safe as well. Your friends, Falco Lambadri, a falcon, Peppy Hare, a rabbit and Slippy Toad , a you guessed it frog, will ask for your assistance shaking an enemy or just need an extra few shots to thin out the enemy ranks. If you do not help them, they will not be there to help you in the next mission. Repairs to their ship usually last one level. This not only brings about a level of skill in regard to shooting down ships but also being aware of what is going on around you. Visual clues as well as a pop up plead for assistance can be overlooked if you aren’t paying attention to your surroundings.

The controls on Starfox are also very interesting. Not only do you use all the buttons, joystick and direction pad but you can also use the 3DS itself as a controller. The gyroscope built into the 3DS can track when you swoop left, right, up, or down. Giving your ship that extra boost you might need to dodge the destroyed building and get that bonus power up.

On some games for the 3DS it can be argued the 3D elements feel thrown on as a gimmick, but in Starfox it is so well done you don’t even notice it. All you will notice is your space ship is gliding through a gorgeous background blasting away the way it should be. The 3D is an absolute must. It definitely adds another ‘dimension’, sorry couldn’t help it. As with all 3DS games Starfox has various warnings about resting your eyes and taking a break which, let’s be honest, even without the 3D on, players should take a break every so often. I am a gamer through and through but I would hate for my kids to be glued to a chair for any reason.

Unfortunately I’m not cool enough to have spent an extended amount of time with the multiplayer element of Starfox but from what I have played it is phenomenal. It is local play, meaning you get a few friends together and sit around talking and playing Starfox as different characters. All playing in the same arena, blasting and out maneuvering each other. Sounds awesome!

Starfox 64 3D is definitely a must have, making good use some of the 3DS’s more unique features.



  1. That looks lie a lot of fun. I know my son would love it…and he has a lot of games on his Christmas list..I am going to have to show him this one.

  2. I like the fact that the console itself can be used as part of the controls. I always gesticulate wildly when playing video games, so I think that would be helpful to me, LOL!

  3. that looks fun, I know my boys would love that

  4. That looks like fun!

  5. Ooooh Starfox and in 3D too!

  6. Never heard of this game, but then again I’m not the gamer, that’s my hubby and son! Will tell them to check it out!

  7. This looks like a pretty cool game!

  8. my son wants the new 3D nintendo DS for his birthday. This looks like something that would go nicely with it!

  9. that sounds like a lot of fun stuff

  10. I bet my son would enjoy this one. I can see him trying to complete barrel rolls. Of course he can’t get the game until he receives his surprise 3DS for Christmas. 🙂

  11. I LOVE Starfox. One of my favorites. My boys are begging for this one. Although I may want it more

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