High-Tech Office Décor for the Work-at-Home Mom

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When you think of décor for your home office, the term “high-tech” may not be your first priority. And
yet, items that do double duty by being both functional and attractive are certainly more appealing than
a bunch of equipment that makes your space look more like a starship than a room in your home. And
often, the term high-tech comes with a connotation of compact size, which is great for the mom that
doesn’t have a lot of space to spare, what with toys underfoot and craft supplies filling every cubby. So
if you’re looking for a few ways to update your office space while you work from home, here are a few
high-tech décor solutions that just might suit your needs (both practically and aesthetically).

The first thing you’ll probably want to consider is furniture, and you might be scratching your head over
how it can be high-tech. For starters, there are computer desks, which come with plenty of storage,
spaces designed for basic computing elements, and built-in channels to corral your many cables. And
you should also look into ergonomic solutions. Since you’re likely to spend quite a bit of time in your
home office, you should have an ergonomic chair and possibly even a keyboard to ensure that your body
is in proper alignment. This will correct your posture and help you avoid physical ailments related to
sitting at a desk all day.

Next you should think about a computer. This is the main piece of equipment you’ll need to do
your work. And your best bet is a laptop. It has all the power of your average PC these days and it
is compact, lightweight, portable, and easy to store out of sight. Plus, modern laptops have tons of
options for connectivity (both wirelessly and through multiple ports) so that you can easily hook them
up to a printer, a cable modem, or an external hard drive for additional storage. You should also
consider a portable printer, a webcam (if your laptop doesn’t already have one) and a smart phone as
high-tech necessities for the modern home office.

And if you’re worried about keeping tabs on the kids, consider a smart home security system (like those
offered by Vivint) that allows you to monitor kids via surveillance cameras and even control the lights,
the thermostat, electronics (like the TV), and the home alarm system, all from your computer or smart
phone. Let’s face it: there are times when you just have to get some work done, and this system can
help you keep an eye on the kids while you do it.

Of course, hardware won’t get you far without attendant software to make it worthwhile. So if you’re
thinking of web design, for example, there’s no need to bust out Word Pad and learn HTML. There are
programs to do it for you! You can even find software that allows your smart phone to interact with
the various programs that are running on your desktop in case you want a connection on the go. And if
you need to interface with fax machines, you don’t have to get another bulky piece of equipment, just
employ a fax2email program on your computer. A high-tech home office could be filled to the brim with
the latest gadgets, but without the software solutions that make them work for you, they’ll be nothing
more than space-age décor.

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  1. Interesting. I just transferred to my new house for rent and I am planning to design it as my office too. I think this post is a good inspiration for me to start.

  2. Although the moving companies in long island have not finished transferring our things yet to our new home, I am already planning to put up a high-tech spot in our home where we could use the computer and other electronic gadgets that can be really useful in terms of technology.

  3. Various equipment are available. Choose the one that’s more convenient for you when you work.

  4. For starters, there are computer desks, which come with plenty of storage, spaces designed for basic computing elements, and built-in channels to corral your many cables.
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