Shopping for Popsicles with #Cbias at Stop and Shop

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We recently had a fun time shopping for Popsicles at Shop and Stop. My son LOVES those ice pops, so this was a blast for him. AND Stop and Shop had a fun little car-shaped shopping cart, so that was such a bonus!

We eat all sorts of frozen things here- Ice Cream, Popsicles, yogurts, sorbet, you name it, we eat it. Me and my son especially- I get migraines and anything frozen takes the edge off. For him- they are also an instant “owie” stopper, lol. We usually shop at A&P or Shop Rite, but Stop and Shop had a nice selection. They had lots of Popsicles brand- and Little likes them all. I usually only get them on sale, like these cute Ice Age ones I got the next day, because they can be pricey otherwise.

We like all sorts of flavors and I also like the frozen fruit bars. Stop and Shop had a really great selection- even doggie ice cream! Most of it was socked well, only a few barren spots. My son chose the Crayon shaped ice pops, because he liked the shape and colors. There were no sales going on this week for them at Stop and Shop- but that didn’t stop me from finding a sale, now, did it? LOL. For more on my shop, please check out my Google Plus story!

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  1. Those look like some fun Popsicle you bought. We eat them year round.

  2. never to cold for a popsicle

  3. I love sales on ice pops! My kids go through a box within a week! Thank god for my deep freezer! 🙂

    You saved us all one right? I want the red one!

  4. We are big popsicle fans as well. I personally like the sugar free fudge pops. Only 40 calories!

  5. I love sales and popsicles! Wish we had a store like that around here:)

  6. Stop & Shop! I miss Stop & Shop!! lol Gia and big Joe are my ice pop freaks they go through two boxes a week. Little made a great choice, the crayon pops are Gia’s favorite as well

  7. We eat frozen treats all year long…so what if sometimes it’s under a blanket 🙂

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