Swiss Colony- Review and G!VEAWAY

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The Holidays are here, and so are a whole lot of delicious treats in cute shapes. The question becomes- what is worth those hard to remove calories? Well, Swiss Colony makes that choice either easier or harder- depending on how you look at it.

Swiss Colony makes all kinds of wonderful goodies ranging from cheeses and meats to desserts. We had the pleasure of trying the Snowman truffles. These cute little guys aren’t decorations, but are desserts, and they have a shell of white fudge surrounding two delicate milk chocolate truffles. The snowmen are each hand decorated with slight differences when you look for them, but are all artfully well made as you can see. And eat 😛

These snowmen are perfect as a little treat for anyone during the holidays season. Even little kids love them, as you can see. Little Man likes first carefully removing the earmuffs, then the head in two bites and the body last in a big gobble. The snowmen are available in giftable packages of 12 snowmen. These would also make a nice addition to a big family meal, or maybe as decorations for each guest, while also serving as a little taste of the wonderful meal to come.



  1. Those snow men are adoreable….

  2. They really do have a nice array of goodies. Thanks for the chance to win some. My husband would be super happy if I were to win ;D

  3. I order from them once a year. They have nice food gifts.

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