Taggarts Ice Cream Parlor & Restaurant In Canton, Ohio

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My Son and Meema had a great time in this old fashioned Ice Cream Parlor and Restaurant. The food was good, the waitress was sweet, and did I mention the ice cream? This may be one of those times when a picture is worth more then anything I can say to you.

Established in 1926, Taggarts is a Canton landmark. Wrought-iron “ice cream parlor” chairs and high-backedbooths, combined with the old wood and tile floors, take you back to the charm of the twenties.

The furnishings and decor take you back to another time- and so will the sundaes. Yes, there is food there- but the real star (I think) is the assortment of ice creams and floats you can find there. Don’t forget to try the famous Bittner– named after a delivery boy in the 1930’s, and worth the visit alone. Oh- and the prices? You will totally have room in your wallet for dessert all around- they won’t gouge you like so many places. The prices are right for a family- check out the menu!

Taggarts Restaurant is conveniently located just minutes from the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the Wm. McKinley Presidential Library and Museum, the National First Ladies’ Library, and the southern-most terminal of the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad. You can visit it at

1401 Fulton Rd NW Canton, OH 44703 US.
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  1. We have always wanted to go to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, so we may just have to get ice cream when we are in the area!

  2. I love “old fashioned” ice cream parlors! They have practically disappeared…so glad you have one near you!

  3. If I ever make it to Ohio I am going to visit all the places you recommend!

  4. That ice cream looks delicious!

  5. That was an awful big bowl for such a little guy but he ate it all. LOL
    I love this kind of stuff. My home town had a soda shop and we loved old fashion soda `

  6. This looks like such an awesome place to visit! We all love ice cream here!

  7. Did he really eat that whole ice cream by himself? I don’t think I could even do that! SOOO cute! I want some! What a great little place you have there! 🙂

  8. he looks like he is enjoying himseld a lot

  9. If I am ever in the area, this would be someplace I would love to stop!

  10. What a great old time ice cream parlor. It would be great to visit it.

  11. Ice Cream is my favorite weakness! I checked out their menu and the prices are very pocketbook friendly. Now I just need a plane ticket so I can enjoy!!!

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