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Are you looking for a dog toy that is a bit different then the norm? Or something that can really stand up?
Take a look at Kyjen. Kyjen have some fabulously different toys for dogs. Dog toys that range from squeaky toys to chew toys.

Today we are going to take a look at two of these unique toys. One is the Seamsters Bone. The Seamsters line of toys involves both rawhide and a natural rubber chew toy. The rawhide are knot free strips. The strips thread along the edge of the chew toy, which when it is opened up, can be filled with treats as a finishing point for the puzzle. Leela found this toy so much fun. First she loved throwing the bone around. Then she realized the rawhide was edible and started to chew at and eat that. Once opened she was ecstatic that there were treats inside. After eating the treats she literally ran around the house full speed. This would be a good toy to give your pooch when leaving the house for a while.

Next up is the Kibble Drop. Kibble Drop is a nifty treat and food delivery system. When dropped into the hole in the top of the unit the food/treat falls into one of four out shot containers which open up with little flaps. The dog opens the flaps and find the treats. This can also be used to slow down your dog’s eating. We are fortunate in that Leela is a very slow eater. There is always food in her bowl, so in this regard we aren’t the target audience. But I can see how this would slow down a dog’s eating pattern. Leela really liked this toy too. She found opening the compartments easy yet still challenging and interesting. (She is a VERY picky eater- which we are not used to in this house! Haha)
We just put a few treats in there, one at a time, and she was so excited when she “found” them 🙂

These toys are definitely worth checking out, if either you have a pet or if you want to get a pet owner friend something unique.
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  1. Hey! I want one of them! Jen, why didn’t Santa bring me THIS????

  2. Wow! That’s a BIG BONE!! I have a lot of dogs but only one that could chew on that HUGE BONE! Great post.

  3. That is the neatest bone. I love Kyjen chew toys. They really seem to last.

  4. That bone is huge and so colorful! Lol…I wanna get just because of that bright shade of green.

  5. This looks like a great company and I will definitely check them out to look at more of their products. Sometimes dog toys can be so boring and they look like they are really great stuff.

  6. Those pup puzzles look fantastic! I’ll certainly be checking out Kyjen – I’ve never seen anything like them. Would be great for our busy boy!

  7. That is a niced sized chew. That would be perfect for my big guy.

  8. i like the bone

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