Training My New Dog Update! #CBias #iLoveMyK9

Last time we went shopping for new treats and now its time to find out how this training is working out.
Well first of all, Leela hasn’t gotten out of the yard in a while. She is still a work in progress. She is picking up on some new basic commands like leave it, wait, come, and in. She already had a few down but needed some obedience training in general and some listening training with the kids. The kids work with her as often as the adults do, and you can tell, she is doing better with listening to the kids. And she really loves the Milk-Bone


  1. Closer to Lucy says:

    Micro-chips and Milk Bones are a new dog owner in training’s best friend :)

  2. Micro chips are the way to go. Milk BOnes are too hard for Rio but he loves his Beggin’ Strips.

  3. My dogs love Milk Bone trainers but they are so small for them. Taking from Pam – Beggin’ strips I found are the only thing Boss doesn’t like go figure! We take a long time to train are dogs lol It took me two years with Bella and she is still an excited pee’er. You walk in my door and she will jump on you, lick you and the pee on your foot LOL It’s not always an easy task training, but well worth the love they bring

  4. Milk-Bone treats have been a staple for our pups forever! We use them in our boy’s kong, with a pat of peanut butter at each end. Even our mailman leaves a Milkbone in the mailbox every day! Great minds :)


    KMRIEBESEHLMOMMYKOGGIBOO RIEBESEHLFAMILY – We’re about to adopt a doggy and her name is Layla— it sounds like you are having quite an adventure so far!:O) It sounds like you are doing a great job so far! O:) Take care & I’m checking out your blog and friending you there too so I can follow your new and exciting adventure! KM Riebesehl I’d sure love it if you’d friend me!!! Have a great day!!!

  6. Oh my goodness…what an adventure! Glad you have a new chip…and some new treats for training! :)

  7. Jen - Life With Levi says:

    We have our dogs microchipped, too – you just never know, especially with a new dog. Glad to see the whole family is helping out with the training – too cute!

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