Winchell Mountain Coffee- For Valentines Day! W!N Yours Here!

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Coffee is a must in our house. We didn’t actually realize it until we ran out not too long ago. We have never been a family to make a pot of coffee in the morning when we wake up. But every few days a pot of coffee is made and we, mom and dad, enjoy it. Then one day we ran out. It had been a week without coffee when we realized coffee was needed. So now we always have it around.

There is a great coffee company out there, Winchell Mountain coffee. Winchell is special because each blend is created by master roaster Bob Rivkin. Who creates some wonderfully aromatic and delicious blends.
Recently Mr, Rivkin began working with Sandra Boynton to create some wonderful blends with Ms. Boynton’s illustrations gracing the packages.

We have tried a few and they are phenomenal. The blends we tried were : Country Morning, Wide Awake, Beach Blend, and Valentine’s Day.

All of these coffees were really good, first of all. Favorites of the house actually. Country Morning is a nice mellow morning blend to help ease you into your day. Wide Awake is the opposite, strong and delicious, very eye opening. Beach Blend is little chocolate notes and is very nice day or night. Valentine’s Day is a nice roasted blend which is very flavorful and special blend. A nice treat all around. We really liked Wide Awake and the Valentine’s Day blend best.

One of you will win an amazing (and cute!) prize pack for Valentines Day!
Valentine’s Blend Coffee, A coordinating Sandra Boynton coffee mug, and Sandra Boynton’s 2012 Mom’s Family Desk Planner.

Here is how to enter!

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