Toy Fair Fun- I’m Guessing You’ll Want These

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This past week, the Jacob Javits Center in New York City has been host to the worlds largest gathering of toys and games, organized by the Toy Industry Association. Hundreds of toy manufacturers and game publishers gather to show off their recent and upcoming products to retailers, buyers, and the press. The New York Toy Fair is filled with nearly every toy, game, form of electronic entertainment, and outdoor play thing you can imagine.

With roughly 100,000 products and 7,000 new toy debuts, NY Toy Fair is a wonderland for your inner child. Here are five toys who made their premiers at the Javits Center that will soon be on everyone’s “Hot List”.


This new addition to the Furreal Friends line from Hasbro is the most animated and responsive yet, responding to the touch, eating her “food”, whinnying and batting her eyes. She has soft, poseable legs, and will respond to cuddles and nuzzles in kind. Baby Butterscotch will give children the experience of owning a virtually real, animated pony.

CrayolaDigital Light Designer

This fun and adaptable new drawing medium is designed to allow children to draw and create with lights.

The Digital Light Designer uses colored LED lights to let kids draw, imagine, and be creative- with no mess. Using a special attached stylus on a spinning 360 degree domed drawing surface, kids can easily switch between eight different colors, or erase and start over. They can also save up to fifty creations. It takes 4 D Batteries or alternately, can be plugged in.


These plush robot freinds have glowing chests that help children learn to be brave in the dark. When you touch the hands of these toys (available in several varieties), a soft light glows and gives comfort to scared children. Brobo also has animated webisodes, games and books that encourage friendship, family, adventure, and learning.

Rockboard Descender
Rockboard has come up with a fantasitc innovation for boarders this year, taking the off-season to the next level. The Descender features high-performance, tank like treads never before used in the boarding experience. This unique and new for the Spring of 2012 board helps to keep sports enthusiasts active in all seasons, enabling riders to “surf” down grass and hills. It can hold riders up to 200 lbs.


Bigsby, the shy monster, likes to go on big adventures and learn new things with his friends. He is interactive with both his books and iPod/iPad apps, chiming in when he hears key phrases. Bigsby comes with the first in his series of Interactive Storybooks, Bigsby’s Best Friend, and has 3 stories available currently. Bigsby also learns social skills, such as friendship, in his books. The app and other interactive and fun features are included for free with purchase of Bigsby.


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  1. The stuffed animals are cute and would help my girls. Both are afraid of the dark and get in my bed in the middle of the night. Anything to keep them out of my bed!

  2. must have had a blast playing with all these cool new toys! My son would go nuts about the board and digital light creations! Thanks for the heads up! Now I know what I’ll be shopping for this year 😉

  3. This is so neat, every town should have this, but I live in such a small place we would never get anything like this.

  4. Now this would be a fun way to spend the day! I love the show pony! My 7 year old is nuts for horses!

  5. My boys would love the Rockboard Descender. It looks so fun!

  6. This would be a blast to attend!

  7. Wow, that’s some skateboard! Cool!

  8. I would so love to get lost in there 🙂

  9. What awesome toys!!

  10. I want baby butterscotch!!!

  11. What a blast!

  12. I would have love to be at the fair. I am a little kid at heart indeed :). I love the Furreal Toys those are so much fun and my daughter loves them a lot!

  13. I think the Furreal Butterscotch is too cute. I want one. 🙂

  14. my daughter LOVES those Furreal toys! They really are sortof cute!

  15. It is nice to see so many creative and imaginative toys coming out this year.

  16. Looks like a fun event to go to. Imagine if you had kids with you it would be impossible.
    See some great ones our 4 and 6 year old boys would love!!

  17. I know that it is targeted for little girls but my 2 year old son would love the fur real horse. My niece has a fur real dog and he just adores it. I’ll have to check out the crayons LED stuff too. Looks like plenty of fun toys will be hitting the market this year!

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