Shoe Lights- An Illuminating Review

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It’s Summer time and the nights are getting longer, but there is still that creeping darkness that always seems to put an end to the most fun games of tag or exploring. What to do as bed times near and school ends.
When I was younger it, was hide and seek with flashlights and glow sticks. Great fun, but in the end flashlights would lose power quickly and didn’t really help while running full speed from ‘it’…..

But how great are these?
National Geographic and Uncle Milton have got this great new product, Shoe Lights. To the rescue again, saving kids with the awful dilemma of not having night vision built into our eyes. Oh, the humanity!!! LOL. The shoe lights are made specifically for shoes. Fancy that! They help light the way on those night expeditions looking for critters or even just looking for a safe spot to plant your foot. The lights have two different modes available- one is pathfinder and the other is night view. Pathfinder shines a bright white light perfect for illuminating an other wise dark path. While night view lets forth a red glow which would help when tracking someone or something at night when stealth is of the essence.

Perfect for finding those wild beasts in the backyard or finding those hide or seekers in in the bushes. To save on batteries, the lights are LED’s so there is low power consumption. Lower power usage means smaller batteries and less fits thrown over dead batteries. They think of everything 🙂
These shoe lights would also be useful to little campers who are always shining their bright flashlight on all the unsuspecting, sleeping neighbors during their 2:00 am bathroom run. I am sure there are some I didn’t think of, but for something this useful it will be fun to find out!
Happy Trails!

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  1. my kids would go nuts for these! we have headlamps but these look way cooler.

  2. How fun! The boys would love them!!

  3. Wow, never knew they made things like this! Useful.
    Whirlwind of Surprises

  4. Do they make these with bug lights in them? Because there are WAY too many mosquitos here in Arkansas!

  5. These are soo cool never heard of them before

  6. Wow! These sound like a lot of fun! I would have loved those growing up!

  7. This is such a neat idea for kids. Love it!

  8. so great for camping!

  9. OMG! I have never heard of these but my kids would love them. And they would be great for when we are camping! I have to get some of these!

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