Kaleidoscope To You Review

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When you shop for a kaleidoscope at Kaleidoscope To You don’t expect an average find there. This is a good thing, a very creative, beautiful and fun thing! There’s different varieties for everyone in the family, and a perfect match for every occasion as well. I found myself looking at one, then five, then just simply skimming each and every category to view the handcrafted marvels to choose from.
We had the pleasure to review the Laminated Solid Woods with Padauk and other Hardwoods Teleidoscope by N & J. It’s about 5.5 inches long.
It is so pretty! This came in a sturdy little box plus both Kaleidoscope and stand were in a nice little pouch to keep it well protected.

Most Kaleidoscopes I grew up with come with their chamber of beads, or colorful little objects that would changes as you turn it, this one however is different. This one will show a picture of whatever you are viewing at. It tripped my kids up at first as they wanted to know what was wrong with it, but they soon learned the fun behind this particular Kaleidoscope. Since the abstract picture you get is what your viewing at they simply went through the entire house to look at pretty much everything. The most fun however was outside. The Kaleidoscope of flowers kept them busy for an hour! They enjoyed seeing the bright vibrate colors through the scope and never got bored. Too fun, really, it’s brought back one of my favorite things as a child with a new twist to it. We all really enjoyed it!

Since I can’t show you what we see, here’s a quick video!
I would love to get these for a few people who are just simply hard to shop for. They are all beautifully handcrafted and it’s well seen in the finished product. You can find a Kaleidoscope for any occasion and another great thing is the price. The price ranges start at $5 and go up, giving you plenty to choose from, so check them out there is really something for everyone.
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  1. What a gorgeous piece! Would certainly make a lovely gift!

  2. Wow! So beautiful!

  3. very pretty

  4. That is a lovely Kaleidoscope. I bet it would make a great Father’s Day present.

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