National Learn to Swim Day is Tomorrow @SwimWays

My sweet little guy can’t wait to start his swim lessons! OK, so, he’s a little scared. So is mom. But he really needs to learn to swim for his own safety- and the sanity of every adult in the vicinity 🙂 It’s important that kids learn to swim at an early age so that they will be safe at parties, the beach, vacation- you don’t want your fun day to end in tragedy. It’s something we should all do. If you can’t swim? Now is a great time to learn.



  1. I gave my kids lessons too.

  2. We have a smaller pool, our kids have learned to swim but we’ve never really been anywhere but small area. We’re hoping to get them to a larger place this summer to really test their swim skills 🙂

  3. Thanks! My kids have had these products since day 1 and never gave my kids 1 swim lesson. They all swim well!

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