Top 5 Kid Friendly Interior Design Ideas

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Sometimes, when we’re thinking about renovating a room (or two) in the house,
unless we’re expecting a child, the kids’ rooms end up being low on the priority list. It’s
not that we don’t love them or want them to have the very best; it’s just that either they’re
too young to have a firm opinion on how they would like their room to look or we end up
drawing a blank on some cool (and relatively inexpensive) interior design ideas. If you
can relate, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five ways to decorate their room in a
cool and kid-friendly kind of way.

Go up the wall (kind of). One of the quickest (and cheapest) ways
to change a child’s room is to change their walls. You can do this by painting it a different
color (bright shades or chalkboard paint are two popular options) or by wallpapering it.
When it comes to wallpaper, these days, there are a lot more options than it used to be.
You can find everything from geometric shapes and animal patterns, to metallic sequin-
prints, hearts and insects (like ladybugs and butterflies). You can even alternate walls
with different styles for a unique look. Poster prints and wall stickers are hot trends too. and Joanne’s are two places that have a ton of those kinds of options.

Put the room into sections. If your child’s room is limited in
space, day beds and bunk beds are still viable choices to make more room. However,
something that is becoming increasingly popular is separating one portion of the room
from another with either a curtain or literal room dividers (that you can find at IKEA or
Wal-Mart). While one side is designated for sleeping, the other can have either their
entertainment equipment or it can be set up to be like a study for homework purposes.

Surround the space with shelves. Something that gives the room
an almost three-dimensional effect is to build shelves on each of the walls and designate
each one for something different. One side can be books, magazines and art supplies.
Another can be toys and electronic items. If there’s a relatively big closet in the bedroom,
then another wall can be for clothes that fold up nice and neat like jeans, along with a
place for shoes to be easily stored. One benefit to this approach is that it leaves even
less room for clutter because there is a “box”, literally, for everything.

Get creative with window treatments. If you’re low on cash (which
makes you limited in the amount of changes that you can currently make), this is one
thing that you can do that will totally alter the look of a room. For your son, vertical blinds
or cellular or fabric shades in a neutral tone provide a nice touch. If you
have a daughter, drapes in lace or silk provide a very dainty effect. You can even
get creative by purchasing a big piece of fabric that hangs down to the floor and then
string flowers, plastic gems or paper butterflies on top of it for a look that’s young and

Have tile floors with throw rugs. Some of the more modern kid’s
bedrooms are showcasing less carpet and more tile or hardwood flooring. It’s easier to
keep clean and it actually tends to make a room look more youthful. Plus, tiles are not
super-expensive or even hard to put down yourself ( has some how-to tips on
their website). And finally, it makes it easier to transition into other design ideas as your

child matures. Indeed, tile never goes out of style, no matter what changes you make to
the room. Even once your child is all grown up with their own kid’s room to decorate!

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