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Clifford is arguably one of the top ten most recognizable dogs in the US, possibly the world, but my measurements for that conclusion is still pending. Clifford is the big red dog who lives with his owner and their family. Fun fact that I am sure all of you die hard Clifford fans know, Clifford started out as the runt of the litter. The books are great fun for kids because it gets some creative thinking moving. It can give them some fun ideas about size changes and gives them very silly ideas like mice the size of elephants or elephants the size of poodles.

Also, there is a lesson behind every story, most of which involve being an active member of your community, acceptance, and kindness. I feel community is a very important topic kids should learn. With computers and cell phone further connecting people, while still keeping them separate, kids need to learn the importance of working together for a greater goal and getting along in face to face interactions.

Clifford is also the star of a cartoon series on PBS kids. There are actually two series running on PBS now, one is with regular Clifford ad another one called Clifford’s Puppy Days, which retells stories from Clifford’ s puppy days, as a small dog.

Well take a look at this new plush Clifford Cuddle Pal. He is adorable and just the right size to be your kids little, cute Clifford buddy.
Douglas Cuddle Pals are a gem. And ranging in prices from $9.99 to 155.99 there are some very affordable Clifford plush available. Also no matter what the size of the toy, Douglas quality is consistently high. There is no excuse for not having the cute red dog, big or small taking of a bit of your child’s bed at night.

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  1. Tammy Hoffa says

    I think the fuzzles are cute

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    Maps the Calico Cat 🙂

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    Troy the Golden Retriever

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    I like the stuffed squirrel.

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    I like the Melbourne Kangaroo!

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    We LOVE penguins in my family, so the Bibs Emperor Penguin would be a hit here!

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  37. I love the BABY FUZZLE HIPPO

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    Sadie B.

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