Space Hero RainBoots by Kidorable

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Different clothing styles come and go, but some last for a long time- and some are just super fun. Like a constant reminder of fun and wet days 🙂 The kind of days where running across a muddy field after a rain storm isn’t only the highlight of your day, but mom doesn’t drive you nuts about getting wet and dirty, LOL. Best part of Kidorable boots? No mud of water gets inside them- not without some real effort. Kidorable Space Hero Rain boots are brightly colored and fit perfectly.

We always get boots a bit big in our house, in case a cold day comes along and multiple layers are needed. Kidorable has twelve more styles to choose from and you will soon find choosing one is more difficult then you may think.

Here are some special offers from Kidorable- Get started on back-to-school shopping with 20% off of impossibly cute rain boots. From ballerinas to butterflies, from frogs to firemen, they have styles that enrich growing imaginations. And cute RainBoots 🙂 August 13th to August 31st, give your audience 20% off their boots when you use coupon code SCHOOL888 at

Happy shopping!


  1. Those ARE ridiculously cute. I love rainboots! Especially because where I live it rains all. the. time. By the way, your blog name is amazing. 🙂

  2. I want some Super Hero Rain boots!

  3. They look pretty cute!

  4. We adore Kidorable – no pun intended

  5. Too cute!! Send some of that rain my way please!!

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