Almondina- Thin, Crunchy Cookies @Almondina

Cookies are some of our favorite foods. The trick to a good cookie is good ingredients, a careful hand, and a loving heart. (Insert AWWWW here.) For your consideration, I bring to you Almondina cookies. These cookies are crunchy, small and pack on a tasty punch. The cookies are healthy and delicious. Each cookie is packed full of roasted almonds. There are many varieties of Almondinas, including original, which has both raisins and almonds in it, Chocolate Cherry, which instead of raisins has cherries in a dark chocolate flavored cookie, and my personal favorite Cinnaroma- which is a wonderful cinnamon cooked with raisins and almonds. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but this combination is perfect. The cinnamon is warming and the roasted almonds adds a nice bite, while the raisins mellow out the cookie perfectly.

All of the Almondina cookies are spectacular. If you are coffee drinker these are perfect for dunking in your favorite hot brew, especially the chocolate cherry. The coffee brings out the natural fruit flavor of the cookie and holds up well because of its crunch.


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  2. I love the flavor of almonds! Sounds yummy. My favorite Almond treat is bunket

  3. I love these!! My coffee’s best friend 🙂

  4. We have tried these and we really like the chocolate ones.

  5. I just saw these at the store and debated buying! Now that I know they have a good review, I’ll have to pick up a pack next time!;-)

  6. These sound similar to Biscotti, which I love. I will have to try these!

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