Tick-Tock’s Toy Clock- Learning To Tell Time

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Telling time with an analog clock can be one of the more difficult activities your child could learn this year in school. Not only is this difficult for kids, but as kids become adults, they can still have a hard time with this. This is only second to splitting the bill after dinner in difficulty for adults. 😛

Whats a good way to get your children interested in keeping time? A cute play clock of course, lol. Take a look at Tick-Tock ‘s Talking Toy Clock. It is a bright, colorful clock adorned with the blue penguin. With Tick-Tock ‘s help, your child will be able to tell time before you know it. This is perfect for those kids who are always asking when to do something or what time it is or how long will this take. (So….all of them.) Within a few play/learning sessions with Tick-Tock, time will be a breeze with your little ones. Just be careful when you say, “give me five minutes”, because they will return in five minutes- unless it is five minutes until bed.

The clock itself works in a very simple manner. You can move the hands of the clock around, which spins around a small illustration, showing an appropriate activity for that time period, IE 3:00 am has a little bear sleeping, while 8:00am showed a little tiger eating breakfast. The illustrations are cute and easy to make out. When the button on the top of the clock is pushed down it proclaims the time and shows the time in numbers and letter, 7am, 8am, etc. There is also a quiz button which will help solidify your little ones learning experience. There is even a timer on the clock, which would be good for those ‘give me five minutes’ occasions. This toy is made by Benesse and is available in their Summer Adventure Kit, which includes the clock, DVD, picture book, discovery wheel and parent guide, all for $29.99 and free shipping. This kit is a multi-sensory kit, which means the book complements the toy complements the wheel complements the DVD- and are all tied together with the parent guide. This is a great getting introduction to time for little ones and before you know it, they will even want their own wrist watch.


  1. My son would LOVE this! He thinks that clocks are really fun.

  2. Love this! I wish I had this when my kids where younger. We had one of those they use in classrooms. Wonder why? lol

  3. I love all the different ways that they have to teach telling time..That toy is just too cute makes telling time fun.

  4. We still have a Fisher Price clock that I swear is from when I was a baby! The kids love it 🙂 I do like the time telling books that go with this one. Would make a great gift.

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