Watch It – Teaching Kids to Tell Time (and count money)

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Time is a difficult concept to wrap your mind around. You can measure it but not with a ruler, you can lose it but will never find it. Oh, and it makes your hair grey 😛

When you are having fun it flies, but when you are not it drags on by- and of course it will continue on until…. well…. the end of time. Let’s get all the little guys and gals involved in all the ticking fun with Watch It! The elapsed time clock. This clock will help kids thinking hours and minutes instead of 5 minutes, 5 minutes. The clock itself is big and tough for little kids to play with. It is also well built and easy to use. The stopwatch in the middle tells the difference between the two clock on either side of the apparatus. Both clocks display the clock on both their faces and the numerical display below. This makes for some great fun not only in time learning but also in subtraction and understanding time periods. If dinner takes a half hour to make, how long is that really? It is very easy to then show kids with this clock.

How do most of us measure time? In money! LOL (In daylight, in sunsets, in midnights,
in cups of coffee, In inches, in miles, in laughter in strife? 😛 )

Teach your kids that money doesn’t grow on trees with Play Money Bills. They are realistic looking- but don’t try to pay for lunch with them, please! They look and feel real, which will help kids really learn money and what each bill is worth. Maybe even toss in a quick history lesson (presidents!)

Includes 100 $1 pretend bills, 50 each of $5, $10 and $20 pretend bills; and 25 each of $50 and $100 pretend bills.


  1. Teaching about time and money are so hard to grasp but so important! Great suggestion. and I love that clock! How cool!

  2. Wow! The money is pretty realistic. I have tried using play money to help Ms. Ma’am learn the value of a dollar but she’s been pretty unimpressed, wonder if she’d like this set better.

  3. How cute!

  4. I love those play money sets. I used them to teach my kids about budgeting. It didn’t work on one of the, but I tried.

  5. What a great way to teach kids the concept of time. Also learning about money…which the little boys seem to love, but don’t quite understand.

  6. It is never too early to start teaching our children about money. This set is an awesome way to get them started 🙂

  7. Using play money or other items around your house are a great way to help learn about counting. Hands on is always easier 🙂

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