Mondetta Performance Gear- Review

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Thanksgiving is over, the turkey is gone, and so are the leftovers. But that extra scoop of mashed potatoes is still around- around the middle, that is. Might as well get started on those New Years resolutions- really. Stick with them. Hit the gym with some new clothes, that’s a motivator! Modetta Performance Gear is a Canada based active wear label which has recently released its newest line of high tech, high fashion active wear, “My Performance, My Lifestyle”. This line bring the idea of performance, fashion and new materials to the next level by showcasing real athletes and dancers using their active wear. We really liked the Rhea and Persephone tops which are both lightweight yet supportive tank tops. They are quick drying, moisture wicking and stretch in just about all directions. They are easy to slip on and slip off, perfect for under a t-shirt or even just when running to the store.

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In regard to bottoms we really liked the Capris and Knee Tight varieties. Both of which have a great fit and style prefect for yoga and dance. The Capris are light weight stretchy and semi low rise. The Knee Tights have a more suede- soft feel while still being a high performance pair of pants. All the clothing we had the pleasure of trying were well made and fit well. The only complaint I have is their items run out fast on their site, so if you see something, grab it quickly so it’s all yours.

Mondetta Performance Gear is great for yoga, hitting the gym- or running errands, but not looking like you just fell out of bed.
If you want style, comfort, and support, check out Mondetta for your next shopping spree! You can even save 25 percent off your order by using the code mpgfall2012 .

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