Elf Magic #HolidayFun

Elves are, of course, just a ton of fun. And Santa’s elves are even more fun. For kids they are a mystery and an answer to all the questions of “how”. How does Santa build all those toys? How can he see all the boys and girls on the planet? How does Santa decorate his tree? How do the doll’s teeth stay straight? And even- What kind of trouble is there at the north pole?

There is a new elf tradition in our house which we started this year. It is called Elf Magic. The fun starts with a letter to Santa asking for a Magic Elf to visit. To help lure the Magic Elf to your house, a cup of water and a cracker must be left out, much like cookies and milk for Santa. Because Elves love the crunch of crackers, much like snow and the water is melted snow flakes, an elf delicacy. Nightly, the little elf goes on wonderful elfcapades and is found in a brand new silly place every time. Little Man loved this, he always has fun with story time, and Elf Magic was like making up stories at wake up time instead of bed time. Every night after being sprinkled with the special snow, paper and easy to clean up by the way. The elf comes to life. This is all explained in a cute little poem.

These nightly elfcapades go on until Christmas eve, when Santa’s little helper, returns with the big man to the north pole to help him out and get started on next year’s presents. The only odd thing about the initial telling the poem is Little Man actually got sad that Santa is coming, which is an odd feeling to have as a little kid. But this seemed to melt away as soon as he realized Elf can visit any time of year, which just a letter to Santa and a cracker and cup of water left out over night. This is a very fun way to spend the mornings until Christmas and gave Little Man the giggles every time. He is a light sleeper, but is constantly rolling around so it was easy to sneak the little elf (“Burke”) away before bed. Some of Burke’s favorite spots this year were, on Daddy’s pillow, hiding in Little Man’s shoe, wearing a coat, borrowed from a GI Joe, in the fridge, raiding the pantry for crackers, in the drawer of our hotel room’s side table, and of course trying to sneak to school with Little Man. This is a great fun toy for parents and for kids and is a tradition not to be missed. (Did you know elves like to travel? Well, Burke does. He recently came with us to Philadelphia to see the Liberty Bell and other fun attractions- he especially liked all the Christmas decorations everywhere we went.)

For more Elf Magic fun before sure to follow them on FB, where they show Elfcapades and share holiday recipes like today’s Hot Cocoa with marshmallow snowmen! Consider submitting your Elfcapades here, and they’ll share your photo on their page. And look for fun Elfcapade ideas if your creative juices are running low, here.


  1. Elf Magic is delightful and your Little Man is adorable! I think every little boy and girl would truly enjoy Elf Magic and travelling along with their Elf.

  2. I like the idea of requesting the elf to come visit. I think that’s more fun than an elf suddenly appearing to watch over what’s going on…. and easier to explain if they are involved in the request!

  3. I know this is supposed to be about the elf and all but OMG I can not get past those awesome sauce curls!!!!

  4. Oh how fun is that? I love it! Thanks for sharing such a cool idea to celebrate the season 😉

  5. This is so cute. Your boy looks like he takes good care of his elf friend. And the picture with the elf on the tree…Your son looks like he’s about to giggle – a lot. Adorable!!

  6. Little looks so happy with his Elf Magic! I wish I were in NYC to celebrate Christmas too. Jealous! 🙂

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