Forms of LASIK and their risks

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Those who have vision problems no longer have to be content with eyeglasses or contacts.
Modern medicine offers consumers a variety of laser eye procedures in order to surgically correct their vision. These surgeries have become quite popular as many people seek to change their lives.

The most widely performed corrective eye surgery today is LASIK which is short for laser in situ keratomilieusis. A machine is used to cut a flap over the cornea. The area beneath the cornea is then exposed and thin layers are removed by a laser to change the shape of the cornea. There are many benefits to choosing this procedure. For one, it is a very short procedure, and it can correct many different vision imperfections with little pain; patients have a very short recovery time. There are some risks that complications will occur; there is a chance of cutting off the entire flap or possibly injuring the cornea itself.

Another laser surgical procedure for the eye is intralase LASIK. This is a form of LASIK surgery. However, a laser is used to cut the corneal flap rather than a blade. Using a laser gives the surgeon more control over the dimensions of the flap, which makes this procedure ideal for people who have a thinner cornea. This particular form of LASIK is less risky than the previously mentioned one, and many patients also feel more comfortable with this form of the surgery. The biggest drawback of this surgery is the price. Treatment using intralase lasik is expensive.

Epi LASIK is another type of laser eye surgery. With this procedure a thin layer of the protective cells are manually separated from the cornea. Once this is done, the laser is used to reshape the cornea. Many people opt for epi LASIK because it is less painful than some other procedures however, it does take about three days for one’s vision to be fully recovered.

While there are many procedures to correct eyesight many people find they prefer wearing their eyeglasses. Sometimes just purchasing a trendy pair of glasses, such as those found at Get Lenses, is enough to make one happy without surgery.


  1. I could never do Lasik, when I went to have my eyes checked and when they got close to my eye it just was freaky.. My Dad had eye surgery and swore by it..

  2. The idea of anything poking around in my eye is disturbing but I do hear about how safe, reliable, and relatively painless this surgery is. I’d consider it if I needed it.

  3. my mom had eye surgery a couple years ago and it went very smoothly. It is amazing the advances they have made in this field over the past 10 years!

  4. I really want LASIK! It would be nice to ditch my contacts/glasses and still be able to see.

  5. LASIKS is not for me, the idea of anyone coming near my eyes with a blade freaks me out! I’m good with a cute pair of frames :0)

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