Nickelodeon Floam Factory and Gak #GiftGuide

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Floam is an odd substance which brings a smile to kids faces all around. It is an odd sort of sticky modeling compound with little foam-ish balls in it which doesn’t dry out like other modeling compounds. The interesting part about Floam is its ability to add textures and bright colors to everyday objects like a brightly colored underwater castle with bubbles or an alien head with bumpy skin. Also it comes off relatively easily for next time. The colors are so bright and fun the possibilities are endless. Check out the Nickelodeon Floam Factory. This nifty set comes with rollers, mashers and shapers to help make all kinds of ‘blocks’, petals, shapes and designs for just about anything you may want to build. From bugs to flowers, to crowns, even castles and houses- It’s all here.

Floam is pretty easy to clean up too, just roll around a bigger piece to grab all its little cousins or just mash it up in a similar way you would do with play doh, stomping about on smaller pieces until you have them all. Right now Little Man is on a cutting craft phase and is thoroughly enjoying anything he can cut up and put back together again. Floam is perfect for this. It is easy to chop it up with safety scissors, then mold the pieces together into a new work of art.

Here is a bit more info via Nickelodeon-

Nickelodeon Gak in the Dark will totally GLOW YOUR MIND! Gak in the Dark comes in 4 amazing glo in the dark colors. Just charge Gak under any light source or the sun, then take it into the dark and watch it glo in BRIGHT COLORS! The Gak color you see in the light is the color it glows in the dark. Patented OGLO technology makes your Gak glow in the dark or at night in amazing colors! Smoosh it! Twist it! Bubble it! Mix it! You’ve got the knack for GAK…in the dark! Just in time for Halloween.

Nickelodeon Floam Factory is the ultimate Floam Creation Station. It molds and cuts so many different funky Floam shapes, you will be able to make endless combinations of amazing Floam Creations. Just stick Floam into the Nickelodeon Floam Factory base and use one of the six rollers to roll out Floam into funky patterns. Roll out BRICK shapes, PETAL shapes, DIAMOND shapes, SQUIGGLY strips, STRAIGHT strips and more! Use your funky patterns to make shapes and use the built in molds on the base to create fantastic Floam creations. Take your imagination and turn it into Floamazing masterpieces!



  1. I don’t think my kids have ever used foam but sounds like something that they would enjoy!

  2. I need to get some of this for my toddler!

  3. I’m intrigued with the description of what this stuff is like. I think I’d have to get my hands of some to really understand what ‘Floam’ is all about.

  4. My son keeps asking for this also.

  5. All of the children around here (from ages 3-17) would love to play with this!

  6. Now this sure looks like something my kids would love. I’ve never even seen it or heard of it. Hmmm… bet my kids have though! I’ll ask them and see what they say. I’d be shocked if they don’t already have it on their wish list!

  7. Love the sound of the floam factory, my kids would really enjoy this plus it will give them some enjoyment away from the xbox. Thanks for the info x

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