Top 5 Benefits of Music Education for Kids

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If you’re thinking about enrolling your child into some music education classes, but you’re not sure if it will really matter one way or another if you do, then you’ve certainly come to the right article. The truth is that your child can greatly benefit from taking some music classes for a myriad of reasons. We have enclosed five of them below:

It’s good for their brain. Although oftentimes, when we think of music, we look at it from the standpoint of it being something that amuses and entertains us, there are actually many studies that support the fact that by putting your child in a music class, it does wonders for their brain. That’s because there is scientific evidence that has revealed that music tends to stimulate the part of our minds that solves math, helps to do comprehensive reading and also processes our emotions.

It’s a good social “ice breaker”. If you have a child who is naturally shy, what better way to get them to interact with other kids than to have them join their school’s band? The smart thing about this particular approach to being bashful is that it doesn’t pressure your child to do more engaging than they may be ready to do. They can simply focus on learning their own music and instrument and, overtime, they will find themselves more comfortable with those who are sitting around them and learning at the same pace that they are (so they don’t have to feel like they are competing).

It teaches them patience. Wouldn’t it be nice if we got whatever we wanted when we wanted it? Unfortunately, as we all know, life just doesn’t work out that way and the sooner that your child learns that the better. This is just one more reason why music education is a good idea because your child will discover that they can’t be taught how to play a full piece overnight, which means that they have to exert patience as they learn how to read the notes.

It improves their memory. Whether it’s online music education or sitting in a traditional class setting, when you are being taught how to play an instrument, it requires you having to retain a certain amount of information so that you can be prepared for the next session. As a child’s memory skills are sharpened in music class, it will help them to learn how to remember things for a longer period of time in other courses as well.

It helps them to appreciate different things. A good music education is not going to limit itself to one particular genre or style of music. As a matter of fact, children usually start out by learning more classical pieces before they graduate into playing some of the popular songs that they may know. This is a good thing because it teaches them to appreciate more than what they simply like or are used to listening to. As a child’s access to different kinds of music expands, it opens a door for them to be willing to learn other things that they may not have necessarily gravitated to otherwise. And the more open-minded a child is, the bigger the world of opportunity becomes for them!


  1. Both my boys previously learnt the guitar and drums and it somehow faded away, thanks to your post you’ve prompted me to organize their classes again 🙂

  2. So true. Our daughter was adopted from Russia earlier this year and doing music classes when we came home helped her not only with her confidence but with learning English and making friends. Now she won’t stop singing…ever.

  3. My daughter is 5 and already loves music, guitar lessons are soon to follow for her

  4. Both my kids have been taking music lessons for years and I definitely think it is something all kids should experience!

  5. I teach preschool and try to incorporate music into all parts of our day. My kids all took some kind of music oriented programs throughout school and I am now officially a band mom! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I teach preschool and we try to incorporate music into as many activities as we can through out the day. My kids all loved music in school and I am a band mom! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I teach preschool and I try to incorporate music in most all of our activities. I wish I had been exposed to music and encouraged to delve into it in one form or another. Thankfully my kids were all interested in music and got me hooked. THANKS

  8. I took music as a child. I learned played both the alto saxophone and the violin and loved it! I can that that music has really enhanced my knowledge and way of thinking so I agree with this 110!

  9. I took music as a child. I played both the violin and alto saxophone and I learned how to read and memorize music. I can say that it really enhanced my knowledge. So I agree with this article 110%!

  10. Both of my kids took music, and I saw nothing but benefits from it. My daughter took it all through high school. My son took it halfway.

  11. Totally agree. Both my kids took musical instruments and chorus in school. They love it still!

  12. I really wish I had made my daughter take any kind of music classes when she was young!

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