Close to Home: Camping in Your Backyard

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You don’t have to take your family to a distant campground to have a day surrounded by nature.
Instead, let your backyard serve as the perfect place for a family camping adventure. With the help of
your own creativity, you can replicate the real camping experience for your children.

Make Your Preparations

Before your adventure begins, take a look at your camping gear. If you plan to sleep outside in the
backyard, you’ll need a tent and a few sleeping bags. You should also prepare some tasty foods that you
can eat outside. If you have a barbecue, you should plan to use it to grill up some favorite camp foods.
Sandwiches also work great for meals in your backyard camp. Be sure to bring along some favorite
camping snacks, including jerky and trail mix. Don’t forget to bring enough bottled water and other
drinks for everyone.

Prepare Your Campsite

Next, ask your children to help you transform your yard into a fun campsite. Help your children pick a
good spot to place the tent. Arrange some folding chairs near your tent so that you have a place to sit
and relax in your new campsite. If you feel comfortable setting up a small fire, you can build one in your
backyard. Just be sure to prevent your children and pets from getting too close to the fire.

Choose Your Daylight Activities

Once your camp is ready, you and your family should choose a few activities to try. If your children love
to make things, consider bringing some crafts to learn, including making jewelry with string and beads.
You can also play amusing outdoor games, including hide-and-seek. Try leading your family around your
neighborhood for a pretend outdoor hike. Tell your children to keep their eyes open for any signs of

After Sunset Activities

After the sun begins to go down, you can start planning your evening activities. If your skies are clear of
light pollution, plan to gaze at the stars with your family. You can place an old blanket on the grass to sit
on during your star-gazing session. After watching the stars emerge, you can use your campfire to make
delicious s’mores for an evening snack. If your children are old enough to appreciate stories, tell a few
ghost tales. Once your children are ready for sleep, your family can head off to the tent for some rest.

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Lyndsi Decker is a freelance writer and outdoors lover. She loves hunting and collecting automatic knives
here. Lyndsi often goes camping with her husband and two children in Colorado.


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