Discovery Kids World Map #GiftGuide

Do you have a big open wall that is just asking for a brightly colored educational wall hanging? Maybe a play room or your child’s bedroom where there is something missing. Let me propose a map! Maps are a staple in our play room. As of now, I think there are four of them up, ranging from maps of the world to maps of the United States. There has been a frightening turn in the education of children recently. So many kids do not know even basic geography. Quite a few kids that I know, and adults for that matter, for some reason, have no idea how to read a map. Could this be because GPS’s have made them obsolete? I certainly hope not. There are studies released semi-regularly showing how poor our map skills are. But the scariest ‘study’ is to ask your kids, do they know what state they live in? Can they find it on a map? How about the USA? How many countries can they point out? If you are unsure how your child will answer these questions or if the answers would be filled with ‘um’ and ‘ I don’t know’, it is time to invest in some maps to hang up around the house.

Check out the new Discovery Kids Wold Map. The map is made out a tough but soft material, which feels a bit like felt. Also, along the edge there are metal reinforced grommets. These are the little metal hols where hooks can be fed into to keep the map where you hang it, so even after rigorous play the map stays put. The map is a hands-on geography lesson, where kids are able to stick up to 76 Velcro labels to the map. These labels are of animals, bodies of water, country names, land markers and even a few that proclaim where they live.

Little Man loves animals and traveling, so this definitely struck a cord with him and his parents. It is so nice to see your kids learn something new and it is even better when they retain it. Incorporating their new knowledge into playtime is always a treat. With the Discovery Kids World Map, this is easy to do and fun for everyone.





  1. This is great! We have a big map on the wall and play “can you find… in 10 seconds” all the time. It’s great for all of our geography skills!

  2. That is so cool! I need one for our play room!

  3. This looks like a great map to have.

  4. When I was a kid I used to hang maps on my walls. I would have loved something like this.

  5. Really cool way to decorate and teach at the same time!

  6. my kids are older so we use a globe now but we had something like this when they were younger. Helps a lot to teach them about the world they live in

  7. Wow! That is really cool! Forget the kids…I want one :0)

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