Focus on Educational Apps: Art ABC Outshines Competition

Learning the alphabet with Art ABC is a perfect example of how young children can benefit from quality educational apps from the iTunes App Store. Art ABC offers both alphabet and fine arts introduction. Each of the app’s interactive “pages” introduces one letter and words associated with that letter, reinforced with clear narration emphasizing the phonics involved. Each letter is presented against its own unique background, each of which is taken from a fine art piece.

These artistic backgrounds aren’t merely window dressing; they give children to explore each detail, rewarding well placed taps with surprise interactive elements. Gray-scale objects come to life, new objects appear, and empty spaces are filled with the inspiring brushstrokes of Renoir, Rousseau, and other famous painters. Parents seeking a tool to use together, or an app that their little ones can easily use to practice their letters alone, will find Art ABC to be a wise choice.



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