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I don’t know how nostalgic some of you are, but whenever a prized toy or show from my childhood is re-released, I can’t help but check it out. The most recent addition is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This time we learn a bit more about the young turtles. No longer are our heroes in a half shell seasoned ninja veterans, but instead they are young, and anxious for action- while still a bit wet behind the ears (turtles do have ears right?)

If you aren’t quite sure who the Ninja Turtles are, let me give you a quick lesson. The Ninja Turtles started out as an indie comic created by Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman. Originally created as a parody of popular comics of the time, Daredevil, New Mutants, Cerberus and Ronin. After a clever media kit at their first comic con in 1984, the buzz began. From there the quartet of turtles exploded onto every piece of merchandise you can imagine, starting with toys and moving onto movies, cereal, bed sheets, video games, pizza flavored snacks and even a live action musical show.

The turtles themselves are the product of a toxic spill which turned these normal turtles into human sized mutants. Nickelodeon recently did a nicely done reboot of the cartoon and of course a line of new toys. Included are action figures based on the new show as well as a line of figures based on the classic cartoon. These classics are six inches tall, have 34 points of articulation and the have a wonderful classic cartoon feel to them. Each figure includes the Turtle’s signature weapon as well, Leonardo has his katanas, Michelandelo his nanchakus, Donatello his bo, and my personal favorite Raphael, his sais.

Along with the nifty new toys there are also play sets where you can be a Ninja Turtle. Each set has a mask and ninja combat gear, so you too can be the turtle of your choosing. The weapons are plastic, so makes sure your little ones don’t go attacking their friends or your TV. We also liked the half shell backpack which gives your kids a turtle shell just like the ninja turtles. It has a ton of pockets and is quite spacious, as you imagine a turtle shell would be.

For fans of all ages, this holiday season could be a Turtle Powered one. 🙂


  1. Wow! you have a lot of TMNT toys,My son would love a set up like that..Great post.

  2. these look like fun but I don’t have boys

  3. That is so cool looking! My son had ninja turtle stuff when he was younger that he loved!

  4. My nephews would like these because they like pretending to be their favorite characters – they’re always putting on superhero capes or masks, etc.

  5. I have to buy this for my friend’s son!

  6. Wow, that looks like fun!

  7. My boys love TMNT

  8. I remember when these things first came out! Memories!!

  9. Memories….I grew up with with cartoons and video games of these guys. They really have a lot of staying power!

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