Flights- It’s All About Timing

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When traveling, it is important to realize there are many important factors one of the most important is timing. Weather it be timing your trip around big projects at work, or trying to find the best time to travel to save a few bucks- timing is key. When looking for the best deal, there are lots of factors to look into. The most important is timing. The best prices on flights are available to a plethora of locations but only if you do some very careful research. With the proper tools you can even find a killer price on a flight clear across the country from Los Angeles to New York. I would suggest you check multiple dates and sites like tajawal when looking for the best deals. Many sites offer comparisons in this manner. Compare flights based on airlines like Delta or United to Book Cheap Flights Worldwide or try to find cheap flights to New York, and the best part is that you won’t even have to leave the computer to do it. As with all shopping online, you should be careful about where you actually buy your tickets, if the deal is too good to be true then unfortunately it probably is too good to be true and is some form of fraud.

Once your flight its booked and that best deal is found, its time to pack and get ready for your big flight. Check the weather for your destination and don’ t forget to bring a sweatshirt/sweater just in case. This will save you from spending a ton of money on sweatshirts/t shirts in order to be comfortable on vacation.

Next up- don’t forget your towel! Or your toothbrush or your razor, also your cell phone charger. Be sure no matter how much you charge, you leave none of it at the security check point. Nothing stinks worse then losing something right before a big trip. But if you do lose something, the best thing to lose is your cell phone. Why would you want to lose your cell phone? Easy enough, because the last thing you want is to be bothered by work on your cell phone while on vacation.

Vacations are a blast, especially after some research, a good deal and some smart thinking. Enjoy.


  1. Oh yea, we have to have a list when traveling. I remember one yr when we went to Orlando FL and we had a check list of what we wanted to see at Disney and we went the day before to Sea World and my husband had his blackberry with his list looking through it and he put it away but it still got wet because of Shamu and we were sitting in the wet zone. That yr we winged it on Disney world. lol, however a list is still a good thing if you don’t sit in the wet zone.

  2. We love traveling and live by the lists for preparing. Couldn’t agree more with this post!

  3. Funny, I’m reading this as my husband packs for a flight.

  4. traveling stresses me out! I am going to LA in a couple of weeks and have already started making lists! you make it sound so easy 🙂

  5. I always forget something when packing! I now have a checklist I use…LOL.
    BTW- totally off topic but I love the pink suitcases! Great for finding your luggage on the baggage carrier! 🙂

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