How to entertain the kids on a plane

Have you ever seen the film Snakes on a Plane? Remember the look of fear on
the passenger’s faces when they got up close and personal with some slithering
critters? Times that fear by 10 and that’s what most parents flying with young
children feel, but fear not! There are ways that you can entertain your kids on
a flight, or a journey of any kind, without making a mess or bothering other
passengers. Hoorah!

Activity Books
Possibly the easiest option available to a parent – there are plenty of different
types of activity books available that will keep your little ones quiet drawing,
coloring or stickering. If you’ve brought coloring books with you make it a
little more interesting by adding glitter crayons.

Color-on Backpack
Plenty of toy companies have created backpacks that allow kids to color them
in, but you can even make your own. Bring a plain white backpack with you as
well as some coloring pens and let your angels’ creative sides loose.

Invisible Ink

Now this is something that is fun for all the family – write secret notes to each
other using invisible ink and then reveal your messages.

Finger Puppets
Normal sized puppets probably won’t fit into your hand luggage but pop a few
finger puppets into your back and create your own fairytale. Give the kids a
chance to try the puppets out and make up their own stories.

If you have an iPhone or tablet device make sure you load it with plenty of child-
friendly apps before you leave home. On the flight turn your device to inflight
mode and let the kids play away.

Card Games
Bring a back of cards, or an UNO deck along with you for basic, old school fun.

Does your child have a favorite book? Grab it as an audio version and as they
settle in their set pop some headphone in their ears and let them listen away.

Easy Peasy
If you are on a longer flight check out the inflight movie options, there is almost
always a children’s movie that’ll keep the rascals quiet for at least an hour. On
shorter flights, why not bring your own portable DVD player? That way your kids

can choose their favorite movie even before you leave the house, guaranteeing
smiles all round.

Keep these little tricks handy as when you get to your destination they can be
used for car journeys too.


  1. For my boys, it was always whatever A/V was available and portable…they LOVE to watch TV and movie or listen to music. Worked for every kind of trip – especially driving ones!

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