The Digest Diet Review

The Digest Diet is a 21 day weight loss plan, based on science, new foods and habits that can help the body release that unwanted fat. Along with the Digest Diet, we reviewed the Digest Cookbook which is full of easy quick, and tasty recipes to enjoy. If you get the Digest Diet book, I highly recommend getting the cookbook as well. There are great tips in both books so be sure to pick both. On average a dieter using the 21 day plan losing up to 26 lbs! The books contain the most up to date research and are full of good information to help you through the fight against fat.

My take on The Digest Diet and the Digest Diet Cookbook-

The cookbook itself holds plenty of recipes to pick from, from main meals, snacks to desserts that will help fill you up but also slim you down. The Digest Diet book (no the cookbook) itself has your 21 days’ worth of recipes as well. Everything you need to get started is in the first book, but I like the additional cookbook for the obvious reasons- it gives you more to choose from. There’s tips, even varieties to choose from so you can change up dinner plans in a flash. This right here is a must for any diet cookbook, not only do most families not have time, we cannot run to the store for things. The cookbook uses things that are mostly all on hand making it easier to use.

Throughout each book you break down habits, nutritional facts and aids to help you get in the right frame of mind to see areas you need to work on. I like how straight forward the book is. Myth’s that are busted may blow your mind and educate you at the same time. It’s important to pay attention to how you eat as well as how you choose the foods you plan on using.

The Digest Diet breaks down into three basic stages, Fast release, Fade Away, and Finish Strong helping you maximize for the best results. For people with busy lives and not so much time to dig into any routine this book as well as exercise routine gets you jump started and excited to keep going. The 12-minute routine is a four day start, combining both strength and high intensity training. Which I was unable to do (broken hip and all!) But I did modify things to work through it. Anyone who isn’t injured can do it, just work up to areas that are hard and keep it up, but really unless you are like me and are unable to stand on your own two feet- you can do the exercises in this book.

The cookbook to the test- Though I didn’t use the cookbook or plan for 21 days I fit in most everything during the day that I could. I picked recipes from each section and tried them out. You have a great breakdown, easy to follow and read directions along with the list of fibers, healthy fats and more. If you aren’t one for reading labels this book will get you started and it will be a great habit to form.

Have a sweet tooth and don’t think this will be any good? Guess again, flip open to the dessert section along you have thick shakes, Banana Bonbons, Chocolate Cheesecake- Brownies Need I say more? No! Didn’t think so but just in case you don’t think the sweets are worth it take a look at this-

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My recommendation for the Digest Diet is – Pick it up. If you find yourself stuck in a rut, want a change and boost, check both these books out. Even if you are already fit, the books have tons of information in it. Helpful snacks to choose, healthier grains, best foods to get calcium from and iron, top seasonings that will help you out while you diet. Take the chance, take the 21 Day Challenge and pick up a copy of both the Digest Diet and the Digest Diet Cookbook!

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  1. okay that brownie looks yummy! I’m going to have to check this book and cookbook out 🙂

  2. That brownie looks delicious.

  3. I want that brownie! lol. After reading the article, I was glad to get to the comments and see other people thinking the same thing.

  4. Ok.. you might have me at that brownie picture. lol Dave and I are both watching what we eat now, have both just joined weight watchers. I’m all in when it comes to finding healthy recipes. Thanks

  5. Well the brownie certainly looks good! I like the science of weightless idea….sounds promising!

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