Top 5 Tips for Taking a Family RV Vacation

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RV vacations are great times for family bonding and fun outdoors. Whether you’re planning a
camping excursion, a road trip, or any other kind of break from daily life, the RV is a great way to go.
However, there are a few things you should know before heading out. Make the best possible vacation
for you and your family by following these 5 tips.

packing a suitcase

  1. Pack Only What You NeedAs big as an RV may look from the outside, once you fill it up with your family and all their luggage
    you’re going to realize quickly that space is tight. Living in such close quarters does carry the risk of
    causing tension between family members, so don’t contribute to the problem by loading up the RV
    with unnecessary bags. Every bit of space is precious–pack only the essentials and help the rest of your
    family to do the same.
  2. Bring Lots of MusicAn RV vacation means lots of time on the road, and no road trip is complete without a soundtrack.
    Today, with the advances made in MP3 player technology, we can carry thousands of songs in the palms
    of our hands. Now that there is no need to take up space with CDs or cassettes, there’s no reason not
    to bring all your favorite music with you on your road trips. Load up all of your favorites for hours of
    entertainment on the road.
  3. Record Your AdventureRather than wasting your money on cheesy souvenirs to bring back mementos of your trip, document
    your memories in other ways. Now that practically every cell phone on the market comes outfitted
    with a camera, there’s no reason not to take snapshots of your family vacation. Encourage everyone to
    capture their favorite moments on camera and compile them all into one album when you return home.
    This could be the most fun scrapbook project yet.
  4. Consider a RentalIf you don’t already have a vehicle of your own, you should consider whether it will be best to buy or rent a class C RV for your vacation. If you don’t plan on making RV vacations a regular activity for your family, then buying the vehicle outright could be a waste of money. Consider a rental if this is your first RV trip, just to see how much you and your family enjoy the experience. If it’s something you’d like to do more often, then perhaps you’ll want to buy your own.
  5. Make the Most of Your FuelWhile RV vacations are typically one of the less expensive options for families, the rising cost of gas
    is making every kind of travel more expensive. To get the most out of every gallon of fuel, keep your
    tires inflated to the recommended pressure level and keep up with regular necessary maintenance. Hit
    the gas stations on weekdays when prices are lower, and keep below the speed limit to avoid sending
    your engine into overdrive. Small steps to improve your gas mileage can make your vacation much less


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  2. Alicia Keen says

    i couldn’t imagine taking an rv vacation. Too crammed!

  3. The best tip you could have for my family is not to take me anywhere in a vehicle. It’s best for me to just fly and meet them there. Not a big fan of driving trips at all!

  4. It’s an interesting idea, but I’ve never even driven an RV. What’s a reasonable amount of money to expect to pay for renting one? Do you rent by the day like a normal rental vehicle, or is it more likely a rent-per-week plan? Honestly, it never occurred to me that one could rent one, although it seems like an obvious idea once I stop and think about it. πŸ™‚

    I could imagine that it could be a nice way to visit family if you live a distance away that might otherwise require hotel stays, depending on gas mileage/rental costs vs. hotel rates along your path.

  5. We don’t have RVs here in my country, but we do go on road trips (in fact, I’m going on one in a few hours) πŸ˜› I’ve become a packing pro because of this! Haha.

  6. First HELLO, I just started following you from the blog hop and hope you stop by my place and say hello. We are hosting a great giveaway right now for $150 worth of beauty products, our very first. πŸ™‚


    Second, what a great bunch of tips! We are going to be traveling from Texas to Ohio this summer. We have 4 kids and it will be our first time taking a road trip together that far away. It’s kind of scary…lol I will definitely keep these tips in mind!

  7. My wife and I have been wanting to do this for a few years and haven’t had the courage to do it, yet. Great post, thanks for the information. I’ll be using it in the future.

  8. I love idea number 3: don’t buy cheap nonsense, record your trip.
    Very smart πŸ™‚
    If I had money, I’d do a study on the brain to see how it remembered physical objects vs experiences.
    Experiences seems to stick in our head much better than an object.

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