5 Ways for Stressed Moms to Fight the Signs of Aging

Anyone who says that a stay-home mom doesn’t have a job has obviously never spent the day chasing around a gaggle of children. And for moms that hold down a paying job, as well, the combination of work and parenting can be stressful, so say the least. Sadly, a lack of time paired with high stress can lead to premature signs of aging, something that no mom wants to see when she looks in the mirror. So here are just a few ways for stressed moms to fight the signs of aging and start looking and feeling as young as they are.

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  1. Quit smoking. This may sound harsh, but if you’re a mother you shouldn’t be smoking. If you have children in your care you should not only do everything you can to keep yourself healthy so that you can be there for your children as long as possible, but you also shouldn’t be exposing your kids to the harmful effects of second-hand smoke. (Read this – Protecting Kids from Tobacco/Vape, Don’t Smoke!) Of course, giving up your pack-a-day habit will also help to preserver your youthful good looks. And while quitting may ratchet up your stress level initially, leaving you irritable, there are medications to help (Chantix), and reducing your cravings for nicotine will actually lower your stress in the long run. As a bonus, it’s a great move for both your overall health and the condition of your skin.
  2. Wear sunblock. You may enjoy the warm glow that the sun can suffuse into your skin, but getting a tan is actually a sign of sun damage. And when you’re stressed out, the free radicals created by UV exposure can do even more harm. Considering that dermatologists attribute most of the signs of premature aging (as much as 90%, in fact) to UV damage, it’s not a bad idea to slather up your own skin with a broad spectrum sunblock after you do the same for the kids.
  3. Cosmetic options. While some women will eventually turn to cosmetic surgery options as a way to regain their youthful countenance, most busy moms simply don’t have enough down-time for recovery or money to spare for elective procedures. Luckily, there are plenty of cosmetic options that can help you to fight both the signs of stress and aging. Pampering your skin is a must, so develop a daily cleansing and moisturizing regimen to start with. Then use cosmetics that smooth your skin (primer), hide imperfections (concealer), and minimize dark circles (luminizing under-eye products). You might also add anti-aging products to your routine.
  4. Dietary options. Keeping your skin young and healthy is a process that often occurs from the inside out. This means opting for a diet that is high in healthy and nutritious foods, getting plenty of hydration, and possibly taking daily vitamin supplements to make up any imbalance.
  5. Get your zees. The average anti wrinkle product or rejuvenating serum will only do so much good if you don’t give your skin the down time it needs to repair itself. Since cellular turnover spikes while you’re sleeping, this means that failing to get your beauty rest could actually cause you to age prematurely, especially when you add stress to the equation. As an added bonus, getting enough sleep will also help to lower stress and boost your energy, returning that youthful spring to your step.


  1. Catching Zs is the hardest for me. Just always so much to do and sometimes things just don’t get done when the kids are awake.

  2. I stopped drinking soda and drink more water! Wooho! Glad that it helps fight stress!

  3. Great tips- I definitely need to drink more water. thanks for sharing

  4. Great tips..I always make my family wear sunblock. I’m probably the only one that goes to FL and comes back without a tan.

  5. Great tips! I am a BIG water drinker & I know I feel so much better when I am hydrated. Also I try to sleep when I am tired – atleast 7-8 hours a nite. I also use really incredible skin care daily which does include some amazing anti-aging products that won’t cost you an arm, leg & possibly a kidney! LOL.

  6. getting enough water is a biggy…thanks for mentioning that one! Skin cant look firm and young if it is dehydrated! These are good tips, thanks!

  7. Totally agree with you Samantha that managing the kids is a full time job for a mother and a very gratifying one. But it shouldn’t lead to compromising one’s health and looks. I found your tips really handy for moms to enjoying their motherhood even better.

  8. Great tips. I already do 1,2, 3, and 5. I just need to eat better.

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