Professor Iris- Adorable Kids Video

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irisProfessor Iris is a new DVD brought to us from Canada. This show originally aired on TLC between 1992 and 1994. The show is about Professor Iris’s teachings to his students. His students are a plant, a piano, and a skeleton (of course). Each episode covers a specific topic- some of which are Fruit, Vegetables, and Seasons. Each episode is presented in the puppet medium which is fun. This has a definite Muppet feel to it, but a bit more along the lines of Wallace and Gromit, though educationally geared. The series in animated by Henri Desclez, who brought in puppeteers from Fraggle Rock, and you can tell. The quality of the puppets and the scenery are done masterfully.

Take a look at a short clip here:

Each Volume is available for less than $20 and include 4 to 5 topics each, total run time is a little over an hour a volume.

Little Man liked the DVD’s because of the puppets, and his attention was glued to the TV for the duration of the show, no matter what the topic. The only down side is he now wants a Professor Iris plush toy. Ah the woes of being Little Man….they don’t make those.

Also keep an eye out for Pete from Pete & Pete who appears in an episode. Blast from the past!

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