Raiding Your Closet: Old Fashion Trends Coming Back in Style

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It seems like the 80’s are knocking on the door again, and if you are someone who is invested in looking sharp, you need to keep an eye on the styles that are coming back. What looks should you go looking for in the old storage unit, and which ones are going to suit you best?

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Leggings are back in a big way, and in many ways, they are exactly the same as they were in the eighties. Black leggings make your legs look very long and slim, and they go with just about everything, but they are far from your only choice. Look for leggings with geometric prints as well as more precise designs. Leggings with maps and animal sketches on them are making a big fuss in the trendier stores.



Glitter was big in the eighties, and now it has taken a step forward again. If you want to avoid looking like a very young child, keep the glitter on a low level. Choose black items with glitter on them, or look for jeans that have a bit of glitter at the hips, the rear or the hems. Glitter can add an instant amount of charm and whimsy to a plain outfit, so use liberally. Look for glitter in gold and black as well as the standard.


Boots are wonderfully practical, and they can also give you a tough urban-dweller chic look as well. Look for boots that come up over the ankle for the most modern interpretation of this rather vintage look. If you really want something that is vintage, look for boots with a few chains around the ankle, adding a bit of a jingle to your stride. Check your Pasadena MD storage units for old boots family members might have worn awhile back.


Skirts go in and out on a regular basis, but if you are interested in making sure that your vintage look has a bit of fun femme to it, you’ll find that skirts are the way to go. For example, short skirts paired with patterned leggings are a great way to get the right kind of appearance for your day on the town or your business casual office. The lengths seem to be gravitating towards short and crisp or long and flowing with very little ground in between.

If you are invested in looking your best, start going through your storage unit for more great styles from days gone by. Chances are great that you have a few pieces that you can simply throw on and that will make you look great!

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  1. What a cute dress!

  2. I love boots…I just have a hard time finding any in my size. Love your post.

  3. Yes!!! Boots are so trendy lately! Unfortunately, I don’t have any. I’m going shopping this weekend for some.

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