ToughHound All Sports Dog Collar

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Having a pet part of the family there are certain things you must keep in mind, one of them being what happens if they get lost? Animals of course can not speak for themselves, so you as the owner must do the next best thing and keep proper ID for each of your pets, you can find a great one at the dogbark collar store.


We have two Dogs, Baby and Spot. They are medium sized beagles who just love to run around and chase things. The male was a hunter so you can imagine he likes to get out in those woods and get down to nature. The only problem is, he likes to do is so much, he gets away from us too often. We end up going on a longer walk trying to hunt him down! He has been lost once, for a full day, even with a collar on his tag fell off, which left the person who found both dogs wondering who they belonged too. It was not pleasant to go through that, it isn’t fun for anyone at all. Their tags fall off all the time it seems and it’s a fear I have that we will end up not being able to find them for this very reason. This brings me to tell you about a wonderful ID collar that can help in this situation.



I like how tough the collar is, firm buckle stays where you put it!

The ToughHound All Sports Dog collar is the perfect thing any dog owner can have. The ID tag is part of the collar, you cannot take it off making lost tags a past time problem.

The ID collar is fully custom. You can personalize it with what ever you feel is important, whether it be name and address or just the dogs name and your phone number. Which ever you choose to put on there you have a variety to choose from. Colors, sizes which is important of course, please be sure to measure correctly or you will get a personalized collar that will not fit your loveable pooch.

The tough collar features a polycoated nylon band with stainless steel name plate. The plate is a part of the collar so there is no worry of the tag falling off- which happens all the time with my two dogs and normal tags. My dogs play rough, two beagles who get down in the dirt like every other dog so we put this collar to the test. It held up, didn’t come undone, I like the firm solid buckets so buyer be reassured this is one tough collar and not flimsy. I hooked up different leashes to the collar making sure there was no difference or that the collar would suddenly loosen as we walked, again it didn’t the buckles itself are very firm ones in place. I’ve had collars that loosen in the middle of a walk and it never ends well, me chasing dog, dog dodging cars , not fun!

To personalize the collar you have 8 colors to choose from, different sizes and you have up to 4 lines to use for putting information on along with your choice of font. We put our dogs name, and our phone number keeping it simple but you can put the dogs License on it, or even your address or perhaps you want so say how friendly the dog is so if found there won’t be any fear on the persons mind! It’s entirely up to you but I highly suggest if you have a fur babies in the house you should check out the ToughHound All sports Dog Collar, don’t leave anyone wondering who’s dog they just found wandering about when they are lost!

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  1. Nice collar. We also have two dogs and our one is a Beagle mix. She also likes to roam and would sneak under the fence, so now we have a kennel. These collars are very nice and they look like they are of great quality. I like how the plate is part of the collar. Thanks for the review.

  2. Thank you for using a collar! Our neighbor never does and I’m afraid his dogs are going run into traffic or worse. This type of tag is genius!

  3. That’s a great collar! I love how the number is inside the collar so it can’t get ripped out like a tag.

  4. I highly recommend getting your dog’s collar personalized. There are way too many pets that get lost and have no way to get home.

  5. It’s very important to have a good ID tag on your dog, especially if they are runners! These sure beat the old traditional dog tag!

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