Amazimals – Interactive Toy Pets for Your Child

amazimalsEvery so often you see a toy that makes you realize kids have some very advanced toys of recent. Video games are very realistic, tv’s are little popping images out at you and robotics is moving at a pace where things are getting interesting. The new Amazimals toys are an indicator of this. The Amazimals are a line of plush which have some very realistic activities. These activities include a nursing dog, tickling dogs, dogs that can do tricks, and a dog which has to use the bathroom. These little plush are only a few steps away from having an actual robot pet and that is a good thing. You get a springboard to a whole plethora of play settings, like vet, dog trainer, zoo, etc, as well as learning activities. With a bright imagination these toys are perfect for any little animal lover in your family.


The way the animals interact and have realistic motion is very neat. Also the sounds they make are also realistic. From a cooing mother dog to an excited dog doing tricks. They are each unique and identifiable even if you could only hear them, you would know exactly what the dog is doing.

MommysLovingLitterWe had the opportunity to review the Mommy’s Loving Litter. This toy has a dog mother, with a few pups who nurse and are cooed by the mother dog when they are close. The cause and effect of puppies close to mother caring for them is very interesting and will teach children caring and nurturing skills similar to playing with a baby doll.

Another interesting interaction with these robotic toys is what the dog thinks of it. The noises and sounds were very interesting, but thankfully our dog didn’t find it interesting enough to see what its stuffing looked like. Amazimals are available exclusively at Walmart- be sure to check them out.


  1. Very cute, I would have loved that when I was a kid.

  2. oh my gosh these are so cute! Our daughter adores puppies but is allergic to them, maybe we should look into getting her one of these great toys!

  3. Janet W. says:

    These are adorable! My grandson would love to have his own little pet!

  4. Awe, how cute. My toddler would love these. Maybe Easter Bunny will bring him a litter. 🙂

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