Auto Repairs- Keeping Your Car Safe

When taking a long road trip it is necessary to keep your vehicle in optimal performing shape. Make sure oil changes are on time, brakes are checked and error codes cleared up by a mechanic. You’d want someplace like pittsburgh brakes to give your vehicle a good once over.Even when taking care of your car, breakdowns do happen. Who to call in an emergency like this can be confusing and costly if a mistake is made.

Below are a few tips to keeping your car in tip top shape before and during a road trip.

1) Re-familiarize yourself with the vehicle. About a month or 2 before the trip take your vehicle of road tripping out for a drive. Drive about an hour around. No radio, no outside noise. Listen to the car and its natural rhythms. This is also a point in time where those random squeals and banging noise come out so you really need to hear them.

2) After your road test, bring her in to a mechanic. Have her tuned up and oil changed. Also address any problems which may have been noticed during your road test.

3) After getting your vehicle serviced ask your mechanic if it would be OK to call them while on the road to act as an expert during hairy vehicle situations. A good mechanic can at the least tell you if the out of town location is trying to price gouge you. At the very best, possibly suggest local shops to help out. Keep this option open and a phone number accessible.

4) Emergency kit. Car starter, jumper cables, etc. Make sure you know where it is and it is in the car.

Those are just a few tips to make your road trip a memorable one.


  1. Tami Vollenweider says:

    I really believe in having the Emergency Kit in my Truck,because you never know what can go wrong!I have used the Jumper cables many times in the past and was a life saver!!

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